Pro Team Transfer-o-rama, Women’s Edition

More than time to work on the women’s transfer-o-rama.

First, a quick recap on news and information on the women’s teams for next year.

Only one team has applied for the UCI Continental status with USA Cycling and that is Team TIBCO.  The Columbia-HTC women’s team, also a UCI team, is registered in Germany.

The Colavita/Baci Women’s Cycling Team presented by Cooking Light with a new co-sponsor for the upcoming season will also have new but familiar faces in the DS positions: the just retired and six-time US National Criterium Champion Tina Pic and Rachel Heal will co-direct the team. Returning to the team are Kelly Benjamin who is ready to take up ‘the sprinter title’ for the team, Cath Cheatley, Andrea Dvorak, Carmen Small, Heather Logan-Sprenger and Shontell Gauthier. Joining the team are two-time Olympian Kate Bates, US National Time Trial Champion Jessica Phillips, former US National Criterium Champion Theresa Cliff Ryan, Lithuanian National champion Modesta Vzesniauskaite and current New Zealand National Criterium Champion Rushlee Buchanan.

The Lisa Hunt squad, known as ValueAct Capitol this year, is growing next year with a yet to be announced new title sponsor. Returning to the team are Leah Goldstein, Robin Farina and Kristin Sanders. The new members to the team include Alison Powers, Erica Allar, Toni Bradshaw, Carrie Cash, Lauren Hall, Alexis Rhodes, Carla Swart and Alison Testroete.

On the Canadian side, the Specialized Mazda Samson team has announced its roster for the 2010 season. The riders are Catherine Couture, Moriah MacGregor, Arianne Patenaude, Kyla Rollinson, Jenny Trew, Canadian TT Champion Tara Whitten, Mary Zider and maybe Anne Samplonius.

Here’s the grid with more information. Leave a comment with more info, or if you prefer, tweet, DM or send me an email. Still more teams to come.

BMW-Bianchi (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Leigh Hopkins (USA) – Vanderkitten Erica Allar (USA) – ValueAct
Kate Ross (USA) – Lipsmacker Kirsten Davis (USA) –
Rachel Warner (USA) – Team Salamander Dana Martin (USA) –
Janette Williams (USA) – Altarum  
Staying: Christy Blakely (USA), Tonya Miller Lail (USA), Cora Olson (USA), Lauren Shirock (USA), Deb Sweeney Whitmore (USA), Laura Weislo (USA)
Colavita/Baci p/b Cooking Light (USA). New name for Colavita/Sutter Home
Arrivals Departures
Kate Bates (AUS) – Columbia-HTC Tiffany Cromwell (AUS ) – Skyter Shipping
Rushlee Buchanan (NZL) – Tibco Stacy Marple (USA) –
Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) – Verducci Breakaway Racing Tina Pic (USA) – retired (DS Colavita/Baci)
Heather Logan-Springer (USA) – Nichole Wangsgard (USA) –
Jessica Phillips (USA) –  
Modesta Vzesniauskaite (LIT) –  
Staying: Kelly Benjamin (USA), Catherine Cheatley (NZL), Andrea Dvorak (USA), Shontell Gauthier (USA), Rachel Heal (GBR), Carmen Small (USA)
Columbia-HTC (GER). UCI Women’s Team
Arrivals Departures
Neomi Cantele (ITA) – Bigla Kate Bates (AUS) – Colavita/Baci
Evelyn Stevens (USA) –
Staying: Kim Anderson (USA), Judith Ardnt (GER), Emilia Fahlin (SWE), Luise Keller (GER), Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (GER), Eleonora Van Dijk (NED), Linda Villumsen (DEN)
Unknown: Mara Abbott (USA), Chantal Beltman (NED), Maria Mendel (GER), Alex Wrubleski (CAN)
LipSmacker (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Toni Bradshaw (USA) – ValueAct
Anne Samplonius (CAN) – Specialized Mazda Samson ?
Carla Swart (RSA) – ValueAct
Proman (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Kat Carroll (USA) – Tibco  
Lauren Tamayo (USA) – Tibco  
Staying: Shelley Olds (USA), Coryn Rivera (USA)
Specialized Mazda Samson (CAN)
Arrivals Departures
Catherine Couture (CAN) –  
Moriah MacGregor (CAN) –  
Arianne Patenaude (CAN) –  
Kyla Rollinson (CAN) –  
Jenny Trew (CAN) – Vanderkitten  
Tara Whitten (CAN) –  
Mary Zider (CAN) –  
Anne Samplonius (CAN) – Lipsmacker  
Team Kenda NRC Elite (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Amity Elliott (USA) – Joëlle Numainville (CAN) – Webcor
Jennifer Greenberg (USA) –  
Anna McLoon (USA) – Altarum  
Jen Rasmusson (USA) –  
Melissa Ross (USA) –  
Kendi Thomas (USA) – Whitman College  
Staying: Kat Clark (USA), Ashley James (USA), Jackie Kurth (USA), Denise Ramsden (USA), Catherine Walberg (USA), Kristin Wentworth (USA), Silke Wunderwald (USA)
Team TIBCO (USA). Only UCI Women’s Team in the US
Arrivals Departures
Ruth Corset (NZL) – Jazz Apple Amber Rais (USA) –
Rebecca Much (USA) – Webcor Julie Beveridge (CAN) – Vienne-Futuroscope
Alison Starnes (USA) – Tibco (development) Kat Carroll (USA) – Proman
Rushlee Buchanan (NZL) – Colavita/Baci
Emma Rickards (AUS) – retired (DS TIBCO)
Lauren Tamayo (USA) – Proman
Staying: Jo Kiesanowski (NZL), Meredith Miller (USA), Brooke Miller (USA)
Unknown: Victoria Bastide (USA)
Team Type 1 (USA).
Arrivals Departures
  Veronica Leal (MEX) –
  Jen McRae (USA) –
  Allison Powers (USA) – ValueAct
  Samantha Schneider (USA) –
ValueAct (USA). New Title Sponsor to be announced
Arrivals Departures
Erica Allar (USA) () Sharon Allpress (USA) –
Toni Bradshaw (USA) – Lipsmacker Nicole Evans (USA) –
Carrie Cash (USA) – Team Revolution Martina Patella (USA) –
Lauren Hall (USA) – unattached Chrissy Ruiter (USA) –
Alison Powers (USA) – Team Type 1 Emily Zell (USA) –
Alexis Rhodes (AUS) – Webcor Courtenay Brown (USA) –
Carla Swart (RSA) – Lipsmacker
Alison Testroete (CAN) –
Staying: Robin Farina (USA), Leah Goldstein (CAN), Kristin Sanders (USA)
Vanderkitten (USA).
Arrivals Departures
Erika Graves (USA) – Kahala LaGrange Laura Bowles (USA) –
Starla Teddergreen (USA) – SugarCRM Liz Hatch (USA) – Lotto
Leigh Hopkins (USA) – BMW Bianchi
Melodie Metzger (USA) –
Virginia Perkins (USA) – 3rd Pillar
Webcor Builders (USA)
Arrivals Departures
Lindsey Myers (USA) – SugarCRM Alexis Rhodes (AUS) – ValueAct
Joëlle Numainville (CAN) – Kenda Rebecca Much (USA) – TIBCO
(Last update: 28 November 2009)

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