Top 10 From BASP And More

This week’s Top 10 was inspired by the Golden Gate Park Cyclocross, race #4 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series. A muddy deep boggy area gave rise to some wicked rooster tails.  I added some from earlier races et voila, Top 10 Rooster Tails.

Top 10 From Cycle-Smart International

This week’s Top 10 list comes from Cycle-Smart International and it’s all about getting air. On Saturday, after a quick drop-off the riders went over railroad tracks and many got some air. On Sunday, the course was modified but a few, or maybe only one, managed to lift the wheels.

Top 10 At Surf City CX

Friend Steve Anderson to the rescue for this week’s top 10 list. We had to have costumes with Halloween happening last weekend, and luckily for us Steve was there to capture the images at the first race of the Surf City Cyclo-X series in Northern California.

Top 10 At Gloucester

No, not another ranking of the cross racers, but rather a top 10 list from the Great Grewers Gran Prix of Gloucester. Every week, following a weekend of cross racing, the judges (or whomever happens to be at the beer tent) will put together to create a list based on a completely subjective choice and…