The Road to Worlds with Jeremy Powers #8

Finale, episode #8 recorded February 2nd.’s Jeremy Powers talks about his race at Worlds where he did not achieve his desired goal and learning from his season. Also on the menu are his thoughts on Worlds coming to Louisville KY in 2013, his favorite swear word, the return of the ‘hawk and lots more. We conclude with what makes him happy.

The Road to Worlds with Jeremy Powers #7

A few days after the US Cyclocross National Championships, Jeremy Powers and his teammate Jamey Driscoll flew to Europe for their 6-week training and racing period before the World Championships to be held in the Czech Republic on Jan 31 2010. On a regular basis, Jeremy shares the good, the bad and everything in…

The Road to Worlds with Jeremy Powers

In Episode #6 recorded Friday evening January 15, 2010,’s Jeremy Powers talks about his last two races in Belgium, his return home to Massachusetts for a short break and going cold-turkey as far as coffee. He also compares cross courses between Europe and the US and fans after the incident with Niels Albert.

The Road to Worlds with Jeremy Powers #4

Episode #4 where Jeremy recalls fond memories of Christmas past including a sweet go-cart and his first bikes. We then move on to discuss his first race in Middelkerke, the Belgian kybosh, Sven Nys, his race day preparation and his approach to calories and beer, We finish up with his plan for the upcoming World Cup in Zolder.