Talansky and Team Support At Gila in 2010

In a story published July 7, Jonathan Vaughters stated that he first noticed Andrew Talansky at the 2010 Tour of the Gila and that Talansky had no one feeding him, no mechanic, no teammates. In reality, Talansky had the full support of his California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized team.

stage 5 podium (l-r): Fabio Calabria (Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros), Tom Devriendt (Team3M) and Eric Marcotte (SmartStop)

Belgian Devriendt Wins Wet Menomonie Road Race

Belgian Tom Devriendt of Team 3M outsprinted his breakmates in the pouring rain to win the Menomonie Road Race, stage 5 of the North Star Grand Prix on Saturday afternoon. Australian Fabio Calabria of Horizon Organic/Einstein Bros was second and the reigning US National Champion Eric Marcotte of Team SmartStop was third. The three were…