Twitter and Viewing the Tour de France

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Watching sports has changed forever. Social media has done this. I no longer need to run to the box scores for baseball game details or turn to ESPN for game updates. I simply pop open Twitter for updates and sporting tidbits. Watching live sporting events with Twitter is now the norm.

All of the cycling teams and even staff have active Twitter accounts. The question isn’t which riders are active on social media…its which riders aren’t active. Social media lets the riders speak for themselves. It’s made it much easier for fans to look at them as regular people who happen to be pro cyclists. Twitter has made the riders and the teams accessible.

One of the better team accounts is @Orica_GreenEDGE. Their “Call Me Maybe” 2012 video went viral on Twitter during last year’s Tour de France. How does this engaging team top the 2012 video? They create a new AC/DC inspired rock video featuring all of the riders, even the women’s team, the staff, and enthusiastic fans. Using the hashtag #OGErocks the 2013 has already gone viral.  The team also creates a very entertaining daily video diary called Backstage Pass giving fans a behind the scenes look in 3:00 minutes or less. Absolutely brilliant marketing tools!

Orica-GreenEdge not only update fans with how their riders are doing, they also encourage staff to engage. Their chef, @Nicki_Strobel, shares the team’s menu with photos.

Speaking of team chefs…I am also enjoying Team Saxo/Tinkoff’s chef @dailystews and Team Sky’s chef @teamskychef. Awesome photos and meal descriptions. They need their own Food Network Show!

I wanted Giro Rosa updates while watching the first week of the Tour. The best women’s coverage came from @_pigeons_ Sarah Connolly consistently provided race updates and video links. Her regular column at podiumcafe was a must read if you are a women’s cycling fan. Sarah had a Q&A session with Orica-GreenEDGE’s @AmandaSpratt after every stage. She simply out reported the traditional sites and magazines with her incredible Giro Rosa coverage.

I don’t want full live race updates from a team. I get that from @mrconde. His twitter race updates are the best. @Orica_GreenEDGE simply gives me how their riders are doing during the race. It’s what I want from a team and I thoroughly enjoy @Movistar_Team live race photos. Now if the team would also tweet in English….

My favorite riders to follow remain @HansenAdam @AndreGreipel and @GregHenderson1. They are informative and extremely entertaining. They make cycling fun for me. Their rave tweets were absolutely hilarious!

I am all in now. I look for their tweets and am now cheering them and their team.

There really is no need to visit the traditional cycling websites for updates. I have direct access to the riders, sports writers covering the event and fans reactions during a race. They all keep me informed and entertained. The beauty of social media is engaging other fans and even the riders. For the next two weeks I have great racing at the Tour de France and my wonderful Twitter feed.

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