A Closer Look At UCI Standings

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Yesterday, the UCI issued the first Cyclocross Rankings of the 2012/13 season. These rankings are of prime importance as they dictate the position of rider on the start grid of UCI races. Time to take a close look (once again) at how they are calculated.

Last season, the UCI not only returned to a 12-month rolling calendar (except for junior) but also specified a maximum of C1 and C2 races that can be accumulated.

Points gained by a rider depend on the class of an event – Elite Women and Elite Men get the same number of points for an event.  There are  16 categories in this calendar year offering points, listed in decreasing order (see points table) : world championships, world cups, continental championships, national championships, class 1, class2 events.

But a rider does not accumulate all the points throughout the rolling calendar. Though all the World Cup and Championship points are used, only the best six results from Class 1 (C1) events, the best five results from Class 2 (C2) events are part of the calculation.

Starting at 200 points, a World Cup offers up points 50-deep, while a C1 starts at 80 points and goes 15 deep and a C2 starts at 40 points and goes 10 deep. Which means that a rider can have at the most 480 points from C1 races and 200 points from C2s during the year.

Racers that reside in Europe, especially Belgium have an advantage when it comes to points.  Of the 53 UCI races in the USA, none are World Cups, 9 are C1s, 32 are C2s and one is the National Championships. Of the 36 races for Men Elite in Belgium, six are World Cups and 17 are C1s.

Pauwels vs Powers. Let’s take a closer look at the points accumulated by current leader Kevin Pauwels with 2,363 points and top American in the standings, Jeremy Powers in 10th place with 1,073 points

Pauwels has 1,440 points from all the World Cups raced in the past 12-months, and 420 points from C1 races. Power, has 251 from the World Cups and 480 points, the maximum, from C1 races.  And yes, if the ranking had been a blank slate at the beginning of the season, Powers would have been leading.


Class Pauwels Powers
Rolling calendar Seasonal calendar Rolling calendar Seasonal calendar
World Champs 320 0 42 0
World Cup 1440 200 251 90
Nationals 3 0 100 0
C1 420 60 480 400
C2 180 40 200 40
total 2363 300 1073 530

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