OVCX #3 Waffle Dollar Hand-Ups Tempt Kersting & Arnold

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The Waffle/Dollar Hand-Up craze popped out of the toaster and into the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series (OVCX) Saturday, October 6th at Caesars Ford Cyclocross (OVCX #3) in Xenia, Ohio. Despite the thick syrup on some of the nearly 400 racer’s hoods and downtubes, it’ll likely stick around for the rest of the season. In the Elite Men’s race, Mitchell Kersting (Bob’s Red Mill) took the holeshot, stretched out the field and cracked the whip on the power demanding course for his first OVCX win of the season ahead of Michigan’s finest Tom Burke (Specialized Michigan) and Sven Baumann (Trek CX Collective/Wolverine Racing).

Mitchell Kersting (Bob's Red Mill) wins OVCX #3 Caesars_Ford_CX - photo c Kent_Baumgardt

Mitchell Kersting (Bob’s Red Mill) wins OVCX #3 Caesars_Ford_CX – photo c Kent_Baumgardt

Kersting’s teammate Katie Arnold took the Elite Women’s win, her 2nd this year in OVCX, with Anna Jean Dallaire (Papa Johns) and Tennessee’s Jessica Owings (MOAB Cyclocross) rounding out the podium.

Featuring a “run-up” through an abandoned outdoor theater, the course showcased power sapping soft corners and straights as well as single-file singletrack, a section of tight chicane in front of the waffle dollar hand-ups of the Don Walker Cycles team tent and uphill barriers. That didn’t slow down the OVCX juniors on the driving end on the Cat 3 field. Spencer Petrov (QCW Lionhearts/Blue), Gunnar Dygert (Bissell/ABG/Nuvo) and Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling) put on a Jeremy Powers inspired bunny hopping clinic seen in the video here.

Anna Jean Dallaire & Katie Arnold - photo c Kent Baumgardt

Anna Jean Dallaire & Katie Arnold – photo c Kent Baumgardt

Kersting commented, “I was able to take the hole shot with my teammates in tow. The soft, sandy soil, high grass, and rough terrain strung out the race with me and several others from the Bob’s Red Mill team controlling the front.” The lead group selection was made within the first two laps with Kersting as the carrot in front of Burke and Baumann. “Sven and Tom were chasing hard the entire race and I think they started near the back which is very impressive.” Mitchell heads to USGP next weekend, adding, “I’ll miss my favorite race of the year, Gun Club!”

OVCX #3 Caesars Ford Men's elite start - photo c Velocity Image

OVCX #3 Caesars Ford Men’s elite start – photo c Velocity Image

Next weekend, OVCX returns to Cincinnati for the most popular race of the series, Gun Club Cyclocross, which starts with an actual shotgun blast and boasts a new feature this year, the DeFeet Flyover.

Gun Club 2012 Poster Art by James Biliter

Gun Club 2012 Poster Art by James Biliter

Along with the shotgun start and spent shells and clay pigeons littering the traditionally technical course, racers at OVCX #4 at a Gun Club will be greeted with a new feature this Sunday October 14th, the DeFeet Flyover. With no stairs, everyone should be able to ride up, over and off. Of course it’s faster wearing DeFeet socks. Also new this year, with Toyota as a sponsor, drive your Toyota to the race for a chance to win some swag. Gun Club promoter, John Gatch joked about the Gun Club concessions saying there will be vegetarian options “for those who don’t eat what they hunt.”

Top 10 Elite Women
1. Katie Arnold    (Bobs Red Mill)
2. AnnaJean Dallaire    (Papa Johns)
3. Jessica Owings    (MOAB Cyclocross)
4. Nicole Borem    (Don Walker Cycles Racing)
5. Geraldine Schulze    (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)
6. Teri Meek    (Don Walker Cycles Racing)
7. Sierra Siebenlist    (Matthews Bicycles)
8. Amy Phillips    (Hub Endurance)
9. Elizabeth Cobb    (Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross Team)
10. Sarah Fredrickson    (Speedway Wheelman)

Top 10 Elite Men
1. Mitchell Kersting    (Bobs Red Mill)
2. Tom Burke    (Specialized Michigan)
3. Sven Baumann    (Trek CX Collective / Wolverine Racing)
4. Robert Kendall    (Papa Johns)
5. Jason Monk    (Team WHAYNE)
6. Christopher Bogedin    (Wolverine Racing Elite CX)
7. Chad Tieman    (Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling)
8. Andrew Messer    (DRT Racing pb Revolution Bike & Bean)
9. John Francisco    (Red Zone Cycling)
10. Frederick Rose    (Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross Team)

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