Wyman Wins And Does the Mobot

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Once again seven-time and reigning British national cyclocross champion Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Team) started her off her cross season in the United States and once again she started off with victories; four out of five races so far.

Yesterday, on day one of the Charm City Cross in Baltimore, MD, Wyman celebrated her victory by doing what she called the Mobot – all on a dare from her husband Stef Wyman. The Mobot is a nod to Olympian Mo Farrah who became a british legend when he won the 5,000- and 10,000-meter track race.

Wyman explained, “When he won the 10,000 the presenter dared him to do a celebration and call it the Mobot to match Usain Bolts arrow thingy. There were loads of photos of Usain and Mo together doing each others celebrations it was pretty funny to be fair. (see photos in the Guardian) So then Stef dared me to do it in a race here and yesterday was the first day the finish was road so had plenty of time to get it right!”

Wyman loved her experience so much last year that she decided to come back. “Racing in the USA is infectious; I love it” stated Helen about the start of the 2012/13 season. “It’s great to be close to my Kona team and the East Coast feels like a second home to me. I had such a warm welcome there last year and I knew immediately I wanted to go back”

Read more about Wyman’s decision to start her cross season in the United States in an interview from 2011.

British National Champion Helen Wyman (Kona) at the 2011 Zolder World Cup

British National Champion Helen Wyman (Kona) at the 2011 Zolder World Cup

A return to the United States in the next years could be in the cards. “If this trip is as enjoyable as the last one, I think I can see myself spending a season or two in the USA. Women’s racing is well organized and most importantly well respected in the USA. I think I’d like to be a bigger part of that revolution over the coming seasons”

The plan is to race at least nine events stateside. So far her victories have included a sweep of Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross, day one at Nittany Lion Cross and Charm City Cross. Wyman pulled out the second Nittany race with a split lip after crashing on the barriers.

Her schedule will allow time for recovery before the World Cup series which starts in Tabor, Czech Republic on October 21.

“I need to be fresh and on my game early this season. The European Championships are in the UK this November. It’s not often we get a major championships in the UK and this will certainly be the only time in my career so It’s something I want to approach with great respect. I know the course well as I won the nationals there last year. Hopefully the weather can be awful in the approach to the event to make it nice and tough otherwise we could have a grass criterium. It’s very fast there.”

Obviously, Wyman plans on returning to the United States for the cyclocross world championships in Louisville, in February 2013. She is still looking for that Worlds podium.

“It should be amazing.” Wyman said of the Louisville worlds after winning Nittany Lion Cross. “The racing out here is great, the spectators are so much different, they’re so much supportive of everybody which is great when you come over from Europe. And they heckle you a lot which is obviously really funny for us.”

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