Tour of the Gila Stage 1 – Live Replay

Posted on 02. May, 2012 by in live, race

Replay of live updates of women’s stage 1, the Silver City to Mogollon road race, of the SRAM Tour of the Gila. The tweets that did not go out, but were written, have been added to the list.

Tweets that never went out:

  • Break trio of Armstrong, Powers and Wilcoxson with gap of 2:20 #tourgila
  • gap at 2:15 with 8 miles to go #tourgila
  • 4 riders together at the front #tourgila
  • Crowell dropped from break. Armstrong pulling at the front. 17 miles to go #tourgila
  • Riders being dropped #tourgila
  • Time for the climbers to stretch their legs on the climb to the finish
  • Crash at the front of the field #tourgila
  • Crowell fell back off but rejoined the break on a descent #tourgila
  • Caron dropped from break #tourgila, leaving 5 in the break
  • Gap at 2:30. FCS Rouse, Optum, Primal all have one rider in the rotation for the chase #tourgila
  • Gap going up – now at 2:15 #tourgila
  • Crowell, Rachetto dropped from break #tourgila
  • FCS-Rouse also putting in riders at the front of the field #tourgila
  • Colavita, tibco & primal at the front of the field – gap at 2:10 #tourgila
  • With 33 miles to go, gap at 1:50 with Crowell at the front of the break #tourgila
  • Wilcoxson takes 2nd sprint, Caron 2nd & Crowell 3rd. Wilcoxson gets sprint jersey #tourgila
  • Break re-established, Rowney fell off the pace #tourgila
  • Once break is paced back into the field, the break will be re-established #tourgila
  • Break went the wrong way, turned left instead of right on hwy 180 #tourgila
  • In the break are Wilcoxson, Powers, Amstrong, Crowell, Rowney, Rachetto & Caron #tourgila
  • Gap now at 55 sec #tourgila
  • Counterattack after 1st sprint point, 6 riders trying to get away #tourgila
  • Wilcoxson takes first sprint followed by Caron & Rowney #tourgila



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