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Many pro riders have talked about their need to takeĀ  time completely off the bike to rejuvenate both their bodies and minds. Well the time has come for podiuminsight to do the same. For the past three years (and more), we have been traveling non-stop all over the United States, Canada and Europe to bring stories from the pro road and cyclocross scene. Though it was fun, life on the road has taken a toll mentally and physically and a break is definitely needed.

Break time

Break time

We’re not done yet! During this hiatus, we’ll be building a better site to continue to deliver stories, interviews, photos and more from the vibrant and exciting North American racing world. To be able to that well, we must be at races, traveling along with the circus and seeing the developing stories throughout the year. You see, to be true to our tenet of being the fan proxy, we simply must there, being an armchair cycling quarterback simply won’t cut it for us. So we’re recharging our batteries so we can get back on the road with energy and enthusiasm.

In other words, Elvis has left the building.

Remember when the King of Rock & Roll came back from his break, much sexier and clad in leather? Well that’s our plan, sort of.

18 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Name betsy

    16. Mar, 2012

    A well deserved hiatus too. Will be looking forward to your return.

  2. ant1

    16. Mar, 2012

    we’ll miss you during your absence, but can’t wait to see the leather outfits

  3. Name

    16. Mar, 2012

    Rest up and return to new levels of awesome. Take care.

  4. Will

    16. Mar, 2012

    Enjoy the hiatus, all the best

  5. cycletard (@cycletard)

    16. Mar, 2012

    We’ll miss you terribly, but understand completely. Anxiously awaiting your return. Just make sure it’s in sexy leather, and not white ultrasuede jumpsuits with rhinestones and fringe…

    XOXO from cycletard and the crew at Cyclismas.com

  6. kwc

    16. Mar, 2012

    Break well earned. Rest up!

  7. kennett peterson

    16. Mar, 2012

    Sad news for north american cycling, but a well deserved rest. Come back to us soon!


  8. Sam Johnson

    16. Mar, 2012

    Lyne, nobody works harder than you do. Take your well deserved rest, and I hope to see you out on the road again soon!

  9. Name

    17. Mar, 2012

    Miss you already! :)

  10. Reed

    18. Mar, 2012

    Have a good break. I am already missing your photos.

  11. Name

    18. Mar, 2012

    Sorry to see you are leaving. Happy to know you will be back. Your photography is some of the best in the biz!

  12. Name

    20. Mar, 2012

    Have a great vacation!

  13. Shawn

    23. Mar, 2012

    We love you – miss you and can’t wait for you to come back. Please take care of yourself and know we ALL wish you the very best!!

  14. TJ

    24. Mar, 2012

    Take care, Lyne…you’ll be missed – get your ass back soon!

  15. BD

    27. Mar, 2012

    A little rest is a good thing. Enjoy yours as it is well deserved. I am sure we will cross paths in the future.

  16. Chad Thompson

    29. Mar, 2012

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!! Idea: Less cycle-cross and more road. Come back soon . . . we are winning NRC and wanted your coverage! See you soon, Lyne.

  17. Chad Thompson

    29. Mar, 2012

    Sorry, that was supposed to read cyclocross (above comment). Silly auto-correct!

  18. Name Debbie B.

    02. Apr, 2012

    Nah, I say less road, more cyclocross!! Rest well my friend. Recharge, rejuvenate, breath, and come back when you’re ready. We will be here!