Things That Make You Scratch Your Head…

Posted on 23. Feb, 2012 by in news

Yesterday, the Amgen Tour of California unveiled its 2012 poster via its facebook page, a poster which left many including yours truly scratching their heads.  From the over-use of the word Epic to the rider portrayed to the bad weather all made us scratch our heads and go huh.

Amgen Tour of California unveiled its 2012 poster via facebook

Amgen Tour of California unveiled its 2012 poster via facebook

For its seventh edition of the race, the organizers choose to use a close-up of Italian sprinter Mario Cipollini who raced only one edition of the event in 2008 with the Rock Racing team.  The use of the Lion King, not really associated with the California race was the first head scratcher.  So far, the race has been won by Americans for all but one of its editions and never by a sprinter: Floyd Landis (2006), Levi Leipheimer (2007, 2008, 2009), Mick Rodgers (2010) and Chris Horner (2011).

The other head scratcher is the bad weather portrayed – either real or processed into photo. Yes, rain has obviously hit the race in the past  but one of the selling points of the race is the expected warm, sunny California weather especially after the move to May in 2010.

“For the 2010 Amgen Tour of California we had the unique opportunity to move our race to a part of the year when we are almost guaranteed great weather in California,” said Andrew Messick, then president of AEG Sports in October 2009. “This timing will help us to better showcase the beautiful features the state of California has to offer, while allowing us to travel to parts of the state that just weren’t feasible in previous years.”

Though snow canceled the first Tahoe stage and shortened the second one in 2011, overall the weather has been relatively good since the move to May.  In the past the event has showcased some beautiful scenery from breathtaking coastal views to beautiful mountain scapes, yet the organizers chose to use a gritty, rainy retired Italian sprinter for this year’s poster.

What do you think of the poster?

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4 Responses to “Things That Make You Scratch Your Head…”

  1. Sam

    23. Feb, 2012

    Head scratched!

  2. Mary Topping

    23. Feb, 2012

    Definitely strange. Makes you almost think they posted the wrong one! I wonder what the selection committee would say about why they chose it.

  3. Name Ed Rubinstein

    28. Feb, 2012

    They are taunting the weather gods again. I thought last year I could dispense with the rain gear so we got snow. What next for 2012? They’ll use old Bettini pics next year.

  4. Doug P

    26. Apr, 2012

    While I am a fan of the “Lion King”, “Super Mario” is not who I associate with Cali, or the TOC. My guess is the disastrous Tahoe stage befuddled their minds.