Trebon Sweeps Chicago CX Weekend

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It’s official Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) is back, he announced loud and clear with his win on day two for a sweep of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year’s Resolution weekend. His leg is recovered and his fitness is good after seven weeks away from racing but the way he won on Sunday was completely different. Just like many races from earlier this season, Trebon was off the front, battling with Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus).

Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) outsprints Powers for the win

Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) outsprints Powers for the win

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The two were still together on the final lap, after duking it out throughout the 60-minute race.

“I tried to attack him once when I was able to ride the hill on the backside but I just couldn’t, it’s kind of a tailwind section from there. My gears were freezing and I couldn’t get lower than 15. The last lap, Jeremy put in a little effort on the sidewalk, we were just trying to see if we could outgun each other, and make each make a mistake.” Trebon explained.

At the front, Trebon opened up his sprint right as they turned onto the pavement and into a strong headwind. “I just wanted to lead into the last couple of turns, take a couple of risks. It was a long headwind sprint. My legs have been feeling pretty good, I felt pretty confident that if I could just get out there, open up the sprint pretty early I could outlast him.”

“They should put up a little sign here that says ‘Ryan Trebon Park’, this is a perfect event for him, he’s got a lot of power and he can just throw it down, kind of however he likes in this type of event. Straight wide open, big wind so he was just continually punching me all day and I was just taking it, ‘oh, oh stop hitting me like this’.” laughed Powers. “It was good though, it was a great race.”

Powers is right, the course was definitely suited to Trebon with two run-ups up the same muddy hill, lots of straights and no technical corners. The pair was off the front early on in the first lap after Trebon took the holeshot. With no chaser closing in on them, they focused on each other and the course.

“We were definitely attacking. It was just hard because Ryan was applying pressure in so many different places on this course, it’s just the absolutely perfect course for Ryan, it’s just got so many different sections that he can put down his power to weight. I always excel in places where I can nail a technical section, put power down and nail another technical section, power down and nail another section.” said Powers.

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) and Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) are locked in battle

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) and Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) are locked in battle

Trebon would make his way to the front before the climb to use his power to get a few bike lengths and Powers would close it down. The scenario repeated almost every lap. Then Powers, tried to use some of the pavement and sand traps to his advantage.

“I just wanted to hold my own the best that I could today. When we were attacking each other, there’s only really two or three places to attack.” mused Powers. “Certainly there were places to apply pressure but it wasn’t making any difference to either of us.”

“We’re both very strong riders but he’s stronger in a different, he’s really fast, quick accelerations and it takes me a little longer to wind up. He’s definitely faster out of the corners than I am. It’s fun when you’re racing man on man.” said Trebon.

Behind them Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) found himself alone in third spot after early mistakes. He then proceeded to race solo for the next 60 minutes to claim the third step of the podium, for the second day.

“I definitely paid for it today. “ Jones said of the mistakes. “We had a little bobble in the pit early on and then one later on, once those guys were gone, I was out there by myself. There was no way I was going to pull them back today.”

Snow starts to fall as Chris Jones (Rapha Focus) rides the sand traps

Snow starts to fall as Chris Jones (Rapha Focus) rides the sand traps

Mother Nature. And not only were Trebon and Powers battling each other but the duo, along with every other rider, was battling Mother Nature. Temperatures dropped to the freezing point, the mud was heavy and clogging everything from bikes to shoes to pedals. To make matters worst, freshly washed bikes were freezing as the pits became somewhat a battleground with long lines for the race power washer.

“It was hard out there today. Both of us were having bike problems because we’d get the bikes back after they washed them and stuff was just freezing. I lost my shifting for a couple of laps because the derailleurs were freezing, the cables were freezing. I was shifting, and ‘why isn’t this thing working man?’ The brakes were freezing. It was cold out there.” said Trebon.

Both Trebon and Powers’ mechanics brought their own power washer to the pit, removing the queueing up from their equation. The relationship between mechanics and riders was obvious in Sunday’s race once again.

“It’s a tough job.” Trebon said of his mechanic Dusty Labarr. “We’re out there racing but they’re standing in ankle-deep water, just water flying everywhere, spraying each other with power washers. It’s really important to have a good mechanic and luckily I have Dusty working for me and I think he’s probably the best one out there. I never have to worry about my bikes. We talk in the pits, I come through, something’s not working, he’ll fix it and I’ll get the bike back.”

Elite men's podium: 1st Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt), 2nd Jeremy Powers (Rapha Focus), 3rd Chris Jones (Rapha Focus)

Elite men's podium: 1st Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt), 2nd Jeremy Powers (Rapha Focus), 3rd Chris Jones (Rapha Focus)

Top 10 Results
1.Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt)
2.Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus)
3.Christopher Jones (Rapha-Focus)
4.Brian Matter (Gear Grinder)
5.Barry Wicks (Kona)
6.Travis Livermon (Smart Stop-Mock Orange p/b Ridley)
7.Adam Myerson (Smart Stop-Mock Orange p/b Ridley)
8.Justin Lindine ( / Joe’s Garage / Scott)
9.Robert Marion (Carpediem Racing)
10.Jeffrey Bahnson (Van Dessel Factory Team)

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