Miller leads 1-2 CalGiant Punch at JingleCross day one

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Meredith Miller outsprinted her CalGiant/Specialized teammate Teal Stetson-Lee to win day one of the Jingle Cross Rock weekend on Friday night. Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) was third.

Meredith Miller (CalGiant) wins race in final sprint

Meredith Miller (CalGiant) wins race in final sprint

Under the stars on a balmy night – for Iowa in November – Miller came out like a rocket to get the holeshot and lead the field on the first lap. Butler took over the front as the field came to an innocuous looking muddy off-camber section which caused havoc throughout the day. Butler went through cleanly but Miller behind her bobbled, and had to put a foot down halting her and the riders behind her for a second. Butler took off but Miller hit the gas and closed the gap by the first time the hit the climb up Mt Krumpit.

Shuffle and re-shuffle at the front until six get away. Miller, Stetson-Lee, Butler, Coryn Rivera (Marian University), Pepper Hartlon (Juventus) and Maureen Bruno-Roy (Bob’s Red Mill) are off while Julie Krasniak (Rapha-Focus) dangles a few seconds back, trying to catch on. The pressure is on at the front and Bruno-Roy and Hartlon are slowly rode off. With less than three laps to go Rivera launches a blistering attack at the front getting a small gap but once again, Miller closes it down.

Teal Stetson-Lee (CalGiant) takes over the front

Teal Stetson-Lee (CalGiant) takes over the front

With two to go, Stetson-Lee who was the fastest up Mt Krumpit all night, attacked on the climb to get a small gap, forcing Butler to chase with Miller on her wheel. Having trouble clipping back in after running up, Rivera is dropped. Butler does close the gap but the CalGiant riders counter-attack and are off solo to duke it out for the win.

The teammates are still together on the final stretch to the finish line where Miller takes the sprint. Butler dropped her chain on the fly-over but held on to third. Getting stronger as the race went on, Bruno-Roy took fourth.

Rain and mud should change the conditions for Saturday’s race especially on the tricky descent off Mt Krumpit, changed from Friday.

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Meredith Miller (CalGiant). “At one point she did have a little bit of a gap and, I forget who it was that was in front of me but I wasn’t going to come around her. It might have been Sue, I made her close that gap. And then when it all came back together, things kept shuffling on the front. Coryn actually had a great ride, she attacked and was driving it a few times and it was great to see her out there. This is the first time that Teal really had to battle against each other so it was pretty fun. A couple of times during the race it was ‘how do I do this, I don’t really know’ (laughs) It was fun to be racing out there with her and everyone else tonight.”

About the first lap. “I was at the front and then Sue came around me going into that off-camber section and I just got bounced almost right into one of the stakes, I just had to put a foot down, but I clogged everyone behind me. And then it happened again the second time, so after that I was like screw this, I’m going first through it every time. Going through it first was fine.”

Teal Stetson-Lee (CalGiant). “I did get off to a little bit of a rough start but I guess I was still warming up a little bit, I still did pretty decent in the start, I was in the place I wanted to be in. I worked pretty hard the first couple of laps pulling people around, then I kind of died in the middle and then I got a second wind. What was awesome is that Meredith was there the whole time too, I could actually work for her a little bit and then I made her work for me a little bit and then in the end, we had the epic team battle which is what we always strive for. It was pretty awesome.”

Sue Butler (River City Bicycles). “(dropped chain on fly-over) I couldn’t catch them on the hill and by the time I got on my pedals, they were halfway down the hill. We have two more days. ”

Women's podium: 1st Meredith Miller (CalGiant), 2nd Teal Stetson-Lee (CalGiant), 3rd Sue Butler (River City Bicycles)

Women's podium: 1st Meredith Miller (CalGiant), 2nd Teal Stetson-Lee (CalGiant), 3rd Sue Butler (River City Bicycles)

Top 10 Results
1. Meredith Miller (California Giant-Specialized)
2. Teal Stetson-Lee (California Giant-Specialized)
3. Susan Butler (River City Bicycles)
4. Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill-Seven Cycles)
5. Pepper Harlton (Juventus Cycling Club)
6. Coryn Rivera (Marian University)
7. Amanda Carey (Kenda-Felt)
8. Julie Krasniak (Team Rapha-Focus)
9. Samantha Schneider (
10. Kelsy Bingham (Roosters-Bikers Edge)

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