Trebon – “I just felt fast the whole time”

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Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) really never looked back on day two of the Cincinnati3 Cyclocross Festival, leading pretty much wire to wire to solo to the win. He took over the lead early in the first lap, put the pressure on to cause the first split, leaving only Tim Johnson (Cannondale on his wheel. Then on the next lap, an extra push on the pedal and Trebon was off solo.

A decidedly better ride than the first day of the event.

Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) is now solo off the front

Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) is now solo off the front

“I just felt better. I was riding good, I felt comfortable on my bike. These Felt bikes ride awesome, I just felt fast, I was turning, changing directions really well, the acceleration, everything seemed to work well today and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Thankfully it was good.” said Trebon after his win.

“I was just riding solid, I was never under pressure, I just felt fast the whole time. I wasn’t riding over my head, sometimes when you’re just a little bit under your limit it’s really easy to ride the bike. You have to capitalize on the days that you’re good.”

Trebon was going faster and faster every lap, shedding seconds on his lap times, and that was enough to drop Johnson. “I didn’t attack him, I was just riding fast. It’s all these little accelerations, they add up. I just felt good and it was easier to ride by myself.”

Trebon is strong this year, as strong as in the past few years or even stronger. “It’s just the combination of everything, from the tires to the wheels to the brakes, especially the frame. Everything just works well and it feels more responsive and it feels a lot faster changing direction. I’ve noticed a difference in my riding, before I don’t know if I have better fitness so I’m a little more comfortable on the bikes but before the last couple of years, I was always having to push to stay with those guys but for some reason this year, my skills have gotten a little bit better so I’ll take it.”

The tall rider spent seven laps solo on the mostly grass course in neighborhood Sunset Park as the sun was setting. Whatwas going through his mind during those fifty minutes?

“I just don’t think.” he replied. “I just focus on accelerating, getting my line. I only made one mistake the whole time, just after the pit, there was a rut there and I just turned it a little bit too early, I didn’t fall but just made a small mistake,”

As for the third race, the C1 at Harbin Park where for the past two years Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) has beaten him. Trebon said “We’ll see. Tim is riding well, Jeremy is riding well. I feel good so hopefully it will be a good race.”

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