Powers – “I didn’t have great legs today”

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After dominating day one of the Cincinnati3 Cyclocross Festival, Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) didn’t have the legs on the second day -  which for him  meant taking third. After a slow start, for him, Powers went into the pit at the end of the first lap and after a quick bike change, had to do a u-turn in the pit due to confusing exit lane. But at that point, he was already in the chase with two riders ahead. He ultimately rejoined the chase group to take over the pace making to drop everyone but one, Ben Berden (Ops Ale-Stoemper). On the final lap, Powers ditched Berden to make it onto the podium.

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) is leading the chase group

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) is leading the chase group

What happened at the pit? “There’s a piece of tape blocking you to come back in so you actually have to make the corner before you got out so I just overshot it and then I was ‘damn it’. I just missed the exit.” Powers explained.

The visit to the pit had to do with tires. “I was running a file on the back and I didn’t feel that I was able to do it with it in the corners, these guys were out-cornering me a little bit. Feel a little bit better about using the Typhoons.”

Once he got back onto the chase group, he wasn’t too concerned with having Berden sitting on. “The chase with Ben was fine, he was just sitting on but I kind of dropped him a couple of times so I didn’t think he had a lot in the tank. He came back and I got him again and right at the end, I did a half lap hard and got rid of him. I didn’t have great legs today, it’s fine, it’s three days of racing.”

Like many of the riders at the race, Powers had the third day on his mind, the daddy of the three races, the C1 at Harbin Park.

“I don’t think I’ve ever lost on that.” he said about the Harbin Park race. Powers then smiled, and added, “I’ve never lost on this one either so I’ve got that going for me.”

He added, “I’m looking forwards to tomorrow’s race and I want to win. Today was important but I already have five C2 wins. I had the bad start and I had a couple of things happen, it’s five o’clock at night, I’m tired, the late start I have to get really amped up for, but tomorrow is different thing and I definitely want to win tomorrow. All guns blazing.”

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