Johnson – “I felt like I was definitely the best of the rest today”

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Tim Johnson ( was the only rider able to keep up with Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) on day two of the Cincinnati3 Cyclocross Festival, and that was only for a couple of laps. Ultimately, Johnson finished a solid seccond, riding cleanly for the next seven laps. After a slow, very slow, start to the season, Johnson is coming into form, with always the end target of the National Championships in January.

Tim Johnson (Cannondale in second

Tim Johnson (Cannondale in second

“I felt like I was definitely the best of the rest today, Ryan was just flying. Every single time that he had a chance to pedal, he was just tearing my legs off. He was riding really well. I know that yesterday he didn’t have a great day but he was just hitting the gas and hitting the gas and hitting the gas, and I was staying with him but it was taking everything out of me, I was having my guts ripped off by him and kind of laughing at me at the same time. It was good, I felt better, I felt like I could pedal, corner and everything was going together well.” Johnson said after the race.

Johnson shook his head no when asked if he was concerned about the chase. “I was just glad that I had a good start, which is maybe the third or second good start all year, happy to say that. I have to take a little bit of time.”

At the start of the season, Johnson knew that he would have a slow start and even predicted that people would say ‘Johnson sucked’. And it happened.

But was he starting to believe that he might actually suck? “I started to worry that I might suck, that would happen to anyone that was having a crisis of confidence. ” he replied.

“I’ve had a long career but I’ve definitely had my hard times. We’re talking about bike racing so it’s really not that hard but it’s not like I was sick or had a death in the family, I was having a hard time winning on my bike. That’s okay.”

The third and final day of the Cincinnati3 event is the C1 race at Harbin Park, a race that Johnson is going in to win, like the others.

“I think it’s going to be game on.” he said of Sunday’s race. “I think the three, four, five of us probably, there’s going to be no favors, no niceties out on the course and that’s going to make for a really fast and hard race. I think Jeremy (Powers) has the advantage because he’s won here before, Ryan’s raced these races so I’m going to try and key off of them as much as I need to and then try and beat them.”

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