Powers – “this year I can put my bike where I want and just stick it there”

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It didn’t take long for Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) to be off the front solo at day one of the Cincinnati3 Cyclocross Festival, it took about two laps for him to drop the final rider, Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt). But before that, crashes on the first lap as he along with the rest of the field were tagging Barry Wicks (Kona) who had taken the holeshot. Once off, Powers. well powered away, dominating the rest of the field.

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) is solo off the front

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) is solo off the front

About the crashes on the first lap. I didn’t see this (first) crash but I took Tim (Johnson) out unfortunately. I definitely owe him some beers. I went through the first mudpit a little too hot and then I went straight into the tape. And it was kind of like Todd Wells last year, when Todd crashed real bad last year, he ran into the back of me a little bit and then he crashed and I felt like ‘do I keep going or do I stop to help him”’ and then the same thing happen today with Tim, ‘oh no Tim is on the ground’. Tim did like a triple summersault backflip, and I was like ‘oh no’. So I kind of fought with that for a minute, and then I was like ‘alright’.

About going solo. Once we got that first lap stuff sorted out, Ryan (Trebon) was really good at first and I thought he was going to repeat last year’s dominance on this course and so I just bided my time to see what he had and what the other guys had. Jamey (Driscoll) didn’t get there and Barry (Wicks) fell off, it was just Ryan and I. And then, he was just sitting up on the road sections, we already had a good gap on the cyclocrossworld guys, so I thought ‘well’. I wouldn’t say that I attacked, I rode two or three sections faster, and he pretty much gave me fifteen seconds right away and I was like ‘wow, okay’.

About being solo for a long time. “I was thinking ‘are they messing with me? Because now I feel that they’re messing with me.’ I was also worried, and I hope that those guys are racing three days, there’s a lot of racing here. Once I had the gap, I felt that I could rest a lot a couple of sections. Something that I’m thinking about for this weekend is just being good everyday.”

How much do you think about resting with two races coming up. “It was a great opportunity once I had a gap to just take a rest in certain areas. James would get five seconds on me in this section, and then I’d take five seconds back through the mud. I felt like I was putting out enough energy.”

About the course, you and Driscoll were not taking the same lines. “I’ve been doing a lot of work on my technical (skills), I’ve been riding a lot in the rain and we’ve had a lot of rainy races as well so between those two things I feel a lot more comfortable picking a line and going with it. On the other years, I’ve watched a lot of people and then taking their line, maybe confident or not confident, but I feel that this year I can put my bike where I want and just stick it there. The course was fine, I like a faster twistier course but today was a grinder. But I do feel really good taking a break last weekend, it was the right thing to do.”

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