Johnson – “it was just a comedy of errors but no one was laughing”

Posted on 04. Nov, 2011 by in race

After a fast start putting him second wheel on the first lap, Tim Johnson ( crashed on the first lap and had to chase back on. Another crash slowed him and Johnson finally finished fourth at day one of the Cincinnati3 Cyclocross Festival.

Tim Johnson (

Tim Johnson (

“I was in second wheel, or third wheel. Jeremy (Powers) just stopped short and I crashed into him and fell over, kind of shifted my bike, got back up and had to start from zero again. Actually I had a nice start for once, and then after that I crashed one more time and it was just a comedy of errors but no one was laughing.”

About the course. “Really, really hard. It’s like Granogue and Granogue is a tough race. Lots of elevation when you are pedaling, it’s slick, there are roots and ruts and you’re always kind of dancing on your bike, it’s a really tough course.”

By the way, that is a mustache that Johnson is sporting, it’s for Movember month.

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