Details On Jacques-Maynes 24 Hours Of Moab

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What did he eat? What about clothing? Bike? Details were requested on Andy Jacques-Maynes‘ winning ride at the 24 Hours of Moab last Sunday, which he kindly provided.

Food: “Going into the race, I had a plan to eat and drink as much as I could. So I had a lot of food on hand: 24 Clif Bars, 10 Clif Shot Bloks, 6 Snickers Bars, 10 Gatorades (grape flavor!), and 7 beef/bean/rice burritos that I got from a local taqueria. I would eat a Clif Bar every hour on the hour, and I would stop and eat some real food – a snickers and a burrito – every third lap. This really worked well and I had good energy the whole time, as seen by some pretty consistent laps times. I also had about 25 water bottles ready to go, so all I had to do was grab a fresh one each lap. I would try hard to finish each bottle, but that was hard because the trail was so rough. All I drank was water, since I was eating so much, and I wanted to avoid bloating.”

Clothing: “I really brought everything I owned. I usually wore long sleeves to not get cold, so arm warmers were pretty key. Once it was getting dark, I swapped clothes to full legs, toe covers, and a long sleeve wind block thermal jersey. That was pretty comfy, but didn’t breathe enough so I was sweaty on some downhills and got cold once the temperature really dropped. At 4:30am, I was hypothermic and changed my clothes again, this time to full-bore winter wear: thermal jacket, thermal jersey, fresh legs warmers, fresh toe covers, and really thick gloves. And a wind block hat, that was life saving. I had to sit by the fire for 90 minutes to warm back up, so I was determined not to get cold again, as it was 30 degrees out! For gloves, I was using three different weight gloves: Specialized Enduro (light weight), Specialized Equinox (medium), and Specialized Deflect (heavy) and these treated my hands quite well. Having the toe covers and the hat seemed to be the most vital to staying warm out there. Once the sun came up, it warmed up quick and I was able to peel away layers and stay dry and warm.”

AJM's  campsite - photo c Andy Jacques-Maynes

AJM's campsite - photo c Andy Jacques-Maynes

Bikes and equipment: “I owe Specialized a huge thanks. They hooked me up with an S-Works Epic bike, and I actually had a spare since I took Ben’s bike along also. I also had a spare wheel set in case of flat tires or broken wheels, and that was a good idea too. The Epic performed beautifully on the rough sections of the trail, I was stoked to have full suspension to take up the jack-hammering. But then on the smooth sections the suspension locked out and the bike was so efficient for these long pedaling sections. It really was the ideal bike to have over such a long and strenuous ride: no wasted effort, and plenty of suspension cushion and control. Perfect. I didn’t really change anything on the bike from stock, it was out of the box ready to race: I put my Eggbeaters on, and I swapped the tires to S-Works Captain 26 x 2.0 tires for more tread, and otherwise the bike was bone stock. I ran the tires tubeless, and had great traction and control all day.”

Computer: “I used a Garmin 500. It was key to have info about heart rate, time out on the trail, lap times, etc, so having some data collected on the way was crucial. After a while I stopped paying attention to the mileage, since it was so high I really couldn’t get my head around it: “215 miles?! I guess I better keep going…”. The other thing the Garmin calculates is my calorie burn during the ride: it said 10, 400 calories for the entire 24 hours. I guess that’s why I’m so hungry still…”

By the way, Jacques-Maynes’ body was still on the race schedule when we chatted on Tuesday. After riding for 24 hours solo, he had to drive for two days back home with one stop in Las Vegas.

“I was driving from Moab to Vegas and every hour and a half or so, I would start falling asleep and I’d have to pull over and take a little nap and get something to eat. And I realized after three or four of these 100-mile session that it was the exact same schedule that I was on while I was racing.” he laughed.

Lap by lap info of AJM's 24 Hours of Moab winning ride

Lap by lap info of AJM's 24 Hours of Moab winning ride

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  1. mrg

    13. Oct, 2011

    just knowing what gloves he used is priceless!

  2. Name me

    13. Oct, 2011

    Where is this year’s transer-o-rama? I am missing that!


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