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Tweet your Maglia Rosa - photo courtesy RCS/Giro d'Italia

Tweet your Maglia Rosa - photo courtesy RCS/Giro d'Italia

Earlier today, the Giro d’Italia launched their ‘Tweet Your Maglia Rosa’ project along with a facebook vote to choose the 2012 design for the leader’s jersey, the Maglia Rosa.

Once again, RCS Sport Cycling events which owns the Giro d’Italia along withe other races, show that they get social media, they use it to not provide information but to engage fans and create a reason for fans to come back time and again.

Hopefully ASO is paying attention.

RCS is calling the project “a world-first initiative” that brings together fans of the Giro d’Italia on Twitter and Facebook to the “heart of the champions that will wear the Maglia Rosa in 2012.”

The hope is that in 2012, the Maglia Rosa will transfer fan support to the GC leaders throughout the race: “a feeling that will come, via Twitter, from the fans who will share their passion for this landmark of history, courage and success in sports.”

Basically, selected tweets – from fans – will be printed inside the 2012 Maglia Rosa and the best one will be placed on the collar. Those who will have the privilege and honor of leadership at the next Giro d’Italia will be in direct contact through their skin with “all the love, passion and emotions of the fan base of the Corsa Rosa”.

The project, launched today with a tweet on @GirodItalia, was presented to the media at Eurobike at an event hosted by Santini, established partner of the Giro d’Italia for the design and production of the Maglia Rosa and of the Winners’ Jerseys of the Corsa Rosa.

From now until September 15, 2011, using the hashtag #Magliarosa, fans can tweet a message that describes what the Maglia Rosa means for them and how it can encourage the 2010 riders that will wear it.

A selection of 100 tweets will be made, divided according to geographical origin, which will be submitted eventually for evaluation by the fans of the Giro d’Italia on Facebook. They will then choose the ten best tweets, worthy of being printed on the 2012 Maglia Rosa.

Tweets printed on the 2012 Maglia Rosa will be 20 in total, ten of which will come from many cycling stars who have worn the Giro d’Italia leader’s jersey in their careers.

For RCS, the enthusiastic acceptance of former wearers of the Magial Rosa reflects how increasingly widespread and very popular Twitter is in the world of cycling, not only among fans but also among professionals of this sport.

Through this project, RCS Sport – La Gazzetta dello Sport, organizers of the Giro d’Italia, aim to show that is possible to combine the past and the history of a symbol as the Maglia Rosa, with the present and the future of communications represented by the web and the social networks. The goal is to create closer links between the Giro d’Italia and its many fans, through innovative and interactive global media.

Brilliant! The Giro d’Italia just stepped it up. They were already strong proponents of social media, engaging in conversations with their fans in both Italians and English throughout the year but this one provides a way for world-wide fans to feel a personal connection with the 2012 edition of the race and the leader’s jersey.

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