Quotas For Canada and USA For Road Worlds

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The USA will be able to field the maximum numbers of riders in almost all of the UCI Road World Championships, to be held in Copenhagen, on September 19-25, 2011. Canada also qualified but will be fielding a smaller squad.

As usual, there are lots of UCI rules to determine the quotas (ie number of riders) and the list of qualified countries for the Men Elite, Women Elite, Men Under 23, Men Juniors and Women Juniors categories. Each nation has a precise number of riders defined by the different UCI rankings at 15 August 2011.

Elite Men Road Race. Ranked 8th in the UCI WorldTour Classification, the USA will be able to field the maximum of 9 starters out of 14 enrolled, while Canada can have 3 starters out of 5 enrolled. Canada qualified that that quota by having one rider in the first 100 at individual UCI WorldTour ranking.

U23 Men Road Race. Qualified via UCI America Tour, the USA can field 5 starters out of 10 enrolled. Though enrolled in the UCI Nations Cup, Canada did not get any rankings so can field 1 starter out of 2 enrolled.

The first 5 nations of the final classification of the men’s Under 23 Nations Cup are entitled to an extra rider. The ranking of the Nations Cup will be updated and published on 12 September, the day after the last round of the Nations Cup. The nations concerned will be informed from 12 September. As of today, the first 5 nations are: France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and the United States.

Elite Women Road Race. Both USA, ranked 7th, and Canada, ranked 10th, will be able to field 6 starters out of 12 enrolled (the max is 7 for the top 5 nations).

Outgoing World Champion Giorgia Bronzini may be entered to the Italy’s selection. Also, as the outgoing Continental Champions, Canadian Clara Hughes may be entered in addition to the number of participants which are accorded to their federation.

Junior Men Road Race. Ranked #1, the United States can start 6 riders out of 12, while Canada, ranked 15th, can start 5 riders out of 10 enrolled.

Junior Women Road Race. Each National Federation shall be entitled to enter 8 competitors of whom 4 to ride.

Time Trial. All National Federations may enter 4 riders of whom 2 may start. The outgoing World Champions Fabian Cancellara for Switzerland and Emma Pooley for Great Britain, may be entered in addition to their national federation choice.

The outgoing Continental Champions may be entered in addition to the number of participants allowed. Which means once again that Clara Hughes may be added to Canada’s selection. In the Elite Men, Leandro Messineo of Argentina is the Continental Champion for the Americas, and Ramon Carretero of Panama is the U23 Men America Continental Champion. Oceania Continental Champion Will Dickeson, who rides for Jelly Belly pb Kenda can also be an addition to Australia’s selection.

Now that the quotas are known, how are the athletes selected? More rules. The USA Cycling rules are specified here.

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