End Of The Road For HTC-HighRoad

Posted on 04. Aug, 2011 by in news

The bad news officially came out a few minutes ago from the HTC-HighRoad team. The most winning team in pro cycling was unable to secure sponsorship and will be no more after the 2011 season. The 25 male riders and 13 female riders, along with the staff, now face the tough task of finding a new team.

Happier Times: HTC-HighRoad wins team classification at Nature Valley Grand Prix

Happier Times: HTC-HighRoad wins team classification at Nature Valley Grand Prix

BicyclingMag’s Joe Lindsay reports that Stapleton is ‘hopeful of finding a solution to carry on with the women’s professional team.”

Press release:

“After an exhaustive search to secure long term sponsorship we have concluded that it’s time to release our team members to pursue other options,” said team owner, Bob Stapleton. “Our team’s success has been based on our outstanding people. It’s in their best interest that we make this decision now.”

“The team has had unmatched athletic success,” continued Stapleton. “The dedication shown by our athletes, management team and staff year after year has been exceptional. Together they created one of the most successful teams in cycling’s history. Our athletes are the most sought after in the sport, and our management and staff are the most capable in cycling. They will lead new teams and the sport forward. Helping to create the individual success of the people in our team has been the most important and enjoyable element of our management team. We wish everyone the best for the future.”

“Finally, we would like to thank our partners who worked very closely with us over the years to help set Highroad as the benchmark for elite cycling teams,” added Stapleton. “We are very proud of the performance and value we gave our sponsors and our fans.”

The team will race through the end of the 2011 season and likely reach its 500th race win since its inception in 2008. To date, the team has won 484 races including 54 grand tour stages and has a large collection of classic and stage race victories to its name.


5 Responses to “End Of The Road For HTC-HighRoad”

  1. Greg

    04. Aug, 2011

    Wow this is truly unbelievable.

  2. Name

    04. Aug, 2011

    How can this be possible????

  3. Name Lisa

    04. Aug, 2011

    Where will all my favs end up?? This team should be the easiest team to get a sponsor for. What are the sponsors looking for?

  4. ian

    04. Aug, 2011

    dont like the bad news.

  5. Name Jv

    07. Aug, 2011

    Just shows american sponsors dont appreciate this sport….so why support american brands in cycling?