Young, Mackie Win Glencoe Grand Prix

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Neo-pro Eric Young (BISSELL) took the first NRC win of his career at the Glencoe Grand Prix, besting Anibal Borrajo (Jamis/Sutter Home) and Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly) in the bunch sprint.

Young stayed glued to his teammate David Williams‘ wheel  on the final lap before unleashing his sprint.

“With one to go, Dave did awesome, I couldn’t ask for anything better of a lead out than that, he led out the whole last lap and then with about two corners to go I just came off his wheel. It’s not too far from the last corner to the line so I just knew that I could probably hold everybody else.” Young said.

Eric Young  (BISSELL) wins Glencoe Grand Prix - photo courtesy of Josh Dreyfus

Eric Young (BISSELL) wins Glencoe Grand Prix - photo courtesy of Josh Dreyfus

Though small due to conflicts with USA Elite Road Championships, the 50-rider field did include strong sprinters with teammates to support them. Outnumbered, Young waited.

“You can’t be nearly as aggressive, you have to save it to the end.” Young said about racing with only one teammate. “But with that said, David has been top 10 in the US Pro TT a couple of times, he’s really, really strong and I knew I was fast enough to win it at the end so it was just about getting lucky to get to the end and using your strengths to your advantage. ”

The tough 1.3-mile course, with 10 turns, and a short hill also offered sprint and king of the hill points during the 85-km race, won by Jelly Belly’s Brad Huff and Hanson respectively.

A few hours earlier, the women lined up for the BTIG Women’s Pro race, which is not on the NRC schedule this year. Emma Mackie (TIBCO/To The Top) won the bunch sprint ahead of Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus). Mackie’s teammate Jo Kiesanowski took third.

“It was a good race today. I knew that there would be other top girls after we did a clinic yesterday in town, so I saw some of the talent already last night. So I knew there would be some tough competition. It was really impressive to see some of the other girls have some of the attacks and take digs as well, give it to the Vanderkitten and Tibco girls. In the end it worked out well, we took one and three.” Mackie said.

Emma Mackie  (TIBCO/To The Top) wins Glencoe Grand Prix - photo courtesy of Brian Wetzstein

Emma Mackie (TIBCO/To The Top) wins Glencoe Grand Prix - photo courtesy of Brian Wetzstein

The field for the women was also small with most of the Americans battling for the Stars and Stripes in Augusta, GA leaving Mackie with two teammates in the 29-rider field.

“Coming here with three girls is a little bit different but it’s just as good, you get to get a little bit more of an opportunity for yourself sometimes. It can make the racing harder, you’re racing a little bit more. Today was hard, it started off quite fast and there seemed to be a few attacks going really early. It was good racing. ” Mackie concluded.

Collins also won the sprint competition.

Top 10 Women’s Results
1. Emma Mackie
2. Emily Collins
3. Jo Kiesanowski
4. Lenore Pipes
5. Natalie Klemko
6. Jazzy Hurikino
7. Kristen Meshberg
8. Stacy Appelwick
9. Laura Meadley
10. Jannette Rho

Top 10 Pro Men’s Results
1. Eric Young
2. Anibal Borrajo
3. Ken Hanson
4. Charles Huff
5. Zachary Davies
6. Alejandro Borrajo
7. Brian Sheedy
8. Joe Eldridge
9. David Moyer
10. Jeremy Powers

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