Stevens, Brown Crowned USA TT Champions

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USA National TT Champion Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Highroad) in rainy Nature Valley TT

USA National TT Champion Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Highroad) in rainy Nature Valley TT

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Highroad) successfully defended her Stars and Stripes, winning the USA Time Trial National Championships today in Augusta, GA. Stevens clocked 39:22.1 over the 30-km course featuring a few power climbs. She bested her teammate Amber Neben by a slim 2 hundreds of a second. Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) was third, at 1:17 down.

Stevens showed that she was in great form at Nature Valley Grand Prix, especially on the last day when she easily climbed the Chilkoot Wall, lap after lap. You could tell that she wanted to attack and go for the stage win, but she stayed to defend her teammate Neben’s yellow jersey.

Following Neben’s overall victory last Sunday, Stevens was looking forwards to Nationals. “I think we have an awesome team. You saw four of us were left in that group, I know we’re ready to go. We want to bring that jersey onto our team, it’s going to be a good battle.”

With the mid-day winds growing increasingly hefty and the heavy hitters stacked at the end of the start list, things got exciting when former USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Champion Amanda Miller (HTC-Highroad) posted a new best time of 40:55.7 over the rolling 30-kilometer course. Armstrong soon blew in to post a 40:39.2 and grab the hot seat for the final few minutes until Neben and Stevens scored back-to-back new best times to stack the podium with HTC-Highroad.

Stevens was able to defend her elite women’s time trial national title despite a one second penalty assessed for jumping the line at the start.

“It’s a huge goal of the season,” said Stevens of winning Thursday’s time trial. “It definitely gives me a lot of confidence to go for something and then be able to accomplish it. (Over the past three years) My life has spun 180 degrees and I’m just enjoying the moment and now embracing it. This was one benchmark on the way to my long-term goal. I have a long way to go, but this was a big step.”

Tayler Wiles (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) won the U23 Women Time Trial title.

With her win, Stevens, along with junior men’s and women’s 17-18 national titlists Kristo Jorgenson (BYRDS) and Grace Alexander (BYRDS) secured automatic nominations to the team that will represent the United States at the UCI Road Cycling World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark in October.

The Trek-Livestrong U23 team continued to show their strength in the race against the clock, taking the first two steps of the podium. Nathan Brown won the Stars and Stripes with a time of 36:10, besting his fourth place last year. In his first year as a U23, last year’s Jr 17/18 TT champion Lawson Craddock was second, at 19 seconds down. Also in his first year as a U23, Eamon Lucas (CalGiant) took third, 49 seconds down.

“The course was perfect for me, a little rolling,” stated Brown, a recent top finisher in Cote Picarde, a top European U23 stage race. “I came back from Europe a couple months ago and I stayed down south to train in the heat. It was a huge goal of mine to get on the podium here.”

Jonathan Jacob (Indianapolis Cycling Club) solidified his place as one of the nation’s top amateur cyclists, claiming the elite men’s time trial national title. Jacob’s time of 37:01.1 over the 30-kilometer course put him less than a dozen seconds ahead of silver medalist Timothy Mitchell (CCB Racing) and bronze medal winner Jesse Moore (CalGiant).

Posting a time rivaling the top U23 men, Kristo Jorgenson (BYRDS) earned the junior 17-18 national title in 37:34.79 over Gregory Daniel (Chipotle Junior Development) who earned the silver.

“There are a lot more riders here this year so I was pretty nervous,” explained Jorgenson. “I’ve been over in Europe racing so I was pretty nervous about this course being longer with some rolling hills, but (being from Boise) this is definitely my terrain.”

Other categories. As the rain fell intermittently, the junior riders contested the 10-kilometer course. Jorgenson’s younger brother, Matteo Jorgenson (BYRDS) posted the best time among junior men 10-12 of 15:20.3. Narrowly edged in a late sprint in Wednesday’s road race by today’s fifth-place finisher Sean McElroy, the younger Jorgenson took home the Stars-and-Stripes today.

Hans Vandenberg (VeloBrew Cycling Club) finished 46 seconds behind Jorgenson to place second in junior men 10-12. Samuel Kophazi (Carolina Break) placed third, ahead of Jackson McNear (Red Zone Cycling) and McElroy.

Courtney Comer (San Diego Bicycle Club), a track rider, continued to excel on the road as she paired Wednesday’s win in the road race with the top spot in the junior women 10-12 time trial with a time of 16:29.54. Ann Weigel (Orlando Road Club) was runner-up with a time of 17:24.4. Sophia Broadwell (Fulton Flyers Cycling Club) took the bronze ahead of Veda Gerasimek (Young Medalists-Team Rothrock) and Mackenzie Collins (Orlando Road Club).

Abigail Aldridge (Frazier Cycling Juniors) topped the junior women 13-14 with a time of 15:15.54, edging Amelia Tanner (JET Cycling) by 1.3 seconds. Emma White (Capital Bicycle Racing) earned the bronze medal while Zoe Mullins (Colavita Racing Inc.) placed fourth and Ciara Hopkins (Orlando Road Club) finished fifth.

Earning his first national title with a five-second margin was Jack Maddux (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) with a time of 13:35.57, topping the junior men 13-14. Adrien Costa (San Jose Bicycle Club) won the silver medal while Michael Hernandez (Orlando Road Club) took the bronze. Broderick Hartley (Fulton Flyers Cycling Club) and Jonathan Brown (TriStar Cycling Team) finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Cyclo-cross standout, Sarah Huang (Nova Cycle Sports) continued her winning weekend by adding a time trial win Thursday to her road race victory on Wednesday. Bailey Semian (Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club-Specialized Rising Stars p/b Bicycling) placed second ahead of Zoe Reeves (Priority Health), who finished third. Nadia Latzgo (Young Medalists-Team Rothrock) and Laurel Rathbun (Chipotle Junior Development Team) finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Racing will continue at the USA Cycling Juniors, U23, Elite and Para Road Cycling National Championships tomorrow with the criterium competition for all divisions in downtown Augusta.

Top 10 Elite Women Time Trial Results (Complete Results)
1. Evelyn Stevens    (HTC Highroad Womens Team) 39:22.1
2. Amber Neben    (HTC Highroad Womens Team) 39:22.3
3. Kristin Armstrong Savola    (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 40:39.2
4. Amanda Miller    (HTC Highroad Womens Team) 40:55.7
5. Alison Starnes    (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 41:14.0
6. Carmen Small    (TIBCO to The Top) 41:28.6
7. Kristin Sanders    (Colavita / Forna D’Asolo) 41:44.8
8. Molly Van Houweling    (Metromint Cycling) 41:51.0
9. Jennifer Wheeler    (TIBCO to The Top) 41:53.4
10. Amber Pierce    (Diadora Pasta Zara) 41:59.1

Top 5 U23 Women Time Trial Results
1. Tayler Wiles    (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 43:06.7
2. Jerika Hutchinson 43:49.6
3. Jessica Prinner  (ABD Cycle Club/ABD Cycling Team) 44:02.2
4. Coryn Rivera    (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) 44:32.1
5. Maura Kinsella    (Vanderkitten) 45:15.2

Top 10 U23 Men Time Trial Results
1. Nathan Brown    (Trek Livestrong U23) 36:10.6
2. G Lawson Craddock    (Trek Livestrong U23) 36:29.6
3. Eamon Franck    (California Giant Cycling/Specialized) 36:59.5
4. Carter Jones    (Trek Livestrong U23) 37:03.2
5. Lawrence Warbasse    (BMC Racing) 37:15.1
6. Jacob Rathe    (Chipotle Development Team) 37:40.0
7. Evan Huffman    (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 37:46.1
8. Adam Leibovitz    (OUCH Pro Cycling) 37:46.7
9. Nathaniel Wilson    (California Giant Cycling/Specialized) 37:49.7
10. Joey Rosskopf    (Team Type 1- Development) 37:51.5

Top 5 Elite Men Time Trial Results
1. Jonathan Jacob (Evansville, Ind./Indianapolis Cycling Club) 37:01.1
2. Timothy Mitchell (Ashland, Mass./CCB Racing) 37:11.9
3. Jesse Moore (Sacramento, Calif./California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) 37:12.1
4. Daniel Ramsey (Los Angeles, Calif./Full Circle Sports) 37:25.3
5. Daniel Harm (Southworth, Wash./ Hagens Berman Elite) 37:54.3

Top5 Junior Women 17-18 Time Trial
1. Grace Alexander (Boise, Idaho/Boise Young Riders Development Squad) 29:33.86
2. Addyson Albershardt (Matthews, N.C./NOW and Novartis for MS) 29:56.02
3. Emily Albers (Syracuse, N.Y./Farm Team Cycling) 30:48.67
4. Kayla Sterling (Allen, Texas/Rouse Bicycles) 31:11.95
5. Alexis Ryan (Ventura, Calif./Team TIBCO II) 31:41.79

Top 5 Junior Men 17-18 Time Trial
1. Kristo Jorgenson (Boise, Idaho/BYRDS) 37:34.79
2. Gregory Daniel (Englewood, Colo/Colorado/Chipotle Development) 38:24.65
3. Michael Reidenbach (Emmitsburg, Md./HydroMax Cycling Team) 38:27.04
4. Colby Wait-Molyneux (Vancouver, Wash./Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing) 38:28.51
5. Thomas Wrona (Pinehurst, N.C./Hot Tubes) 39.04.64

Top 5 Junior Women 15-16 Time Trial
1. Sarah Huang (Kenosha, Wisc./Nova Cycle Sports) 30:39.9
2. Bailey Semian (Mertztown, Pa./Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club-Specialized Rising Stars p/b Bicycling) 30:44.2
3. Zoe Reeves (Grand Rapids, Mich./Priority Health) 31:00.7 295290 653 Priority Health Cycling Team
4. Nadia Latzgo (Fogelsville, Pa./Young Medalists-Team Rothrock) 31:08.9
5. Laurel Rathbun (Monument, Colo./Chipotle JR Development Team) 31:17.5

Top 5 Junior Men 15-16 Time Trial
1. Jonathon Schilling (Grover, Mo./Chipotle Junior Development Team) 25:30.7
2. Jordan Cullen (Hudson, Wisc./ Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club) 25:39.1 229280 367
3. Daniel Parks (Dallas, Texas/Chipotle Junior Development Team) 25:41.6
4. Philip O’Donnell (Suwanee, Ga./Team Specialized Racing) 25:44.0
5. Michael Dessau (Boulder, Colo./Chipotle Junior Development Team) 25:54.6

Top 5 Junior Women 13-14 Time Trial
1. Abigail Aldridge (Duluth, Ga./Frazier Cycling Juniors) 15:15.54
2. Amelia Tanner (Irvine, Calif./JET Cycling) 15:16.82
3. Emma White (Delanson, N.Y./Capital Bicycle Racing) 15:28.50
4. Zoe Mullins (Altamonte Springs, Fla./Colavita Racing Inc.) 15:52.35
5. Ciara Hopkins (Clermont, Fla./Orlando Road Club) 16:05.55

Top 5 Junior Men 13-14 Time Trial
1. Jack Maddux (Fresno, Calif./Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 13:35.57
2. Adrien Costa (Los Altos, Calif./San Jose Bicycle Club) 13:41.38
3. Michael Hernandez (Clermont, Fla./Orlando Road Club) 13:53.08
4. Broderick Hartley (Lilburn, Ga./Fulton Flyers Cycling Club) 13:54.30
5. Jonathan Brown (Covington, Tenn./TriStar Cycling Team)

Top 5 Junior Women 10-12 Time Trial
1. Courtney Comer (San Marcos, Calif./San Diego Bicycle Club) 16:29.54
2. Ann Weigel (Clermont, Fla./Orlando Road Club) 17:24.44
3. Sophia Broadwell (Roswell, Ga./Fulton Flyers Cycling Club) 17:44.38
4. Veda Gerasimek (Transfer, Pa./Young Medalists-Team Rothrock) 17:54.29
5. Mackenzie Collins (Clermont, Fla./Orlando Road Club) 18:17.00

Top 5 Junior 10-12 Men Time Trial
1. Matteo Jorgenson (Boise, Idaho/Boise Young Riders Development Squad) 15:20.30
2. Hans Vandenberg (Saint Augustine, Fla./VeloBrew Cycling Club) 16:06.69
3. Samuel Kophazi (Fort Mill, S.C./Carolina Break) 16:10.28
4. Jackson McNear (Louisville, Ky./Red Zone Cycling) 16:18.58
5. Sean McElroy (Palmdale, Calif.) 16:28.37


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