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Jeremy Powers is that unique professional cyclist who competes both during the road season for the Jelly Belly Cycling Team presented by Kenda and in the 2011 cyclocross season for the Rapha-Focus Cyclocross Team.

Powers Twitter profile photo

Powers Twitter profile photo

Powers had a very successful 2010. Not only did he win the overall jersey at the Green Mountain Stage Race during road season, he also won both the USGP Overall title and the NACT Overall title during the cyclocross season. Powers finished the cyclocross season 3rd at the US National Championships and finished 16th at the World Championships in St. Wendel.

Through out the race seasons, Powers kept his fans informed and entertained with his Tweets, Facebook messages, blog and videos. He understands the power of the social media tools. Social media tools allow fans to interact with him. His fans feel quite comfortable chatting with him at races and online and genuinely care for him.

“The great thing about social media is that people care about what we are saying,” commented Powers. “That is pretty special. When they don’t care…I think, ‘uh-oh what I am doing this for?’ When I started this I had 5 followers and I thought it was pretty cool. Here are 5 people who actually care about what I am doing and then it grows to 25, and then 100, and then 1,000. Clearly people care what I am saying. I am looking forward to reaching 5,000. (Powers currently has 5,368 follower) There are guys who have 20x that number. I am not sure if they are saying anything better than me. I think they are just more popular and that they are surrounded by people that the fans want to hear about.”

“In terms of ‘getting’ social media, I think that’s just me. I love talking to people. I love to read what they are saying. I absolutely love getting feedback. I think it’s helpful for me to listen. I also like to know what other people are doing. There are tons of riders who are accomplished and I like to see what they are doing. I am a fan of theirs as much as they are a fan of me. If rider X wins the Tour de France or a stage, Twitter allows me to keep up, especially with using the Twitter lists. It’s a nice way for me to keep in touch.”

“For a fan perspective Twitter is great. I know what it is like because I am a definite fan of certain riders. I love keeping up with them. If someone doesn’t respond to me, I know how it feels so I do the best that I can to give my fans back something. They took the time to reach out to me.”

When asked who he likes to follow, Powers answered, “I kind of envy people who swear on Twitter because I won’t. There are young kids who follow me. I think people who swear are hilarious. I love following my team mates and I love to follow people who make me laugh out loud.”

During the 2010 cyclocross season, Powers worked with documentarian Sam Smith to produce a 14 part documentary series known as “Behind the Barriers. (http://www.behindthebarriers.com/)” The series followed Powers’ 2010 cyclocross season. Fans loved the behind the scene views and commentaries.

“We are going to have more Behind the Barriers with my new team, Rapha-Focus,” stated Powers. “We are going to have some really cool things for fans at the events. Fans coming out to the event will have a good time with it….that will be unique to my style…no one else will do what we are planning on doing this year. I am really excited about it because it will be fun for our fans. I get that people enjoy coming out and have something to be a fan of…to come out, watch a good race, hang out and interact with our team…I think that is part of the fun.”

“I think every time I am doing a video or blog, I think how can I get this to the people,” continued Powers. “If there is something important to share I definitely use Twitter and Facebook. These tools are simply a great way to get information out to people. How can they be a fan of something if they don’t know about it. I am not trying to be annoying. I am not trying to be in your face. I am simply trying to give information. It’s like skating on thin ice. I do not want to be that guy that is constantly self promoting. I simply want to be that normal guy that is sharing information about my work.”

Classic Powers-isms:

@JeremyPowers : Holy shhh! I’ve never seen this before but this women on the plane today put sanitizer on her feet, bottoms of shoes AND on her insoles. Hah

@JeremyPowers: Eminem fans: google Eminem’s new track “The Reunion” in typical Eminem style it’s not for my young friends. It’s the old school flow. #DOPE!

@JeremyPowers: Weather has been batty here in #westernMA. Mother nature is pissed this yr! Is mother nature on twitter? @mothernature can we talk this out?

@JeremyPowers : @jessedanthony @iamtedking people that crash consistently should have their racing licenses revoked or have to pay for my medical bills

@JeremyPowers: Today is going to be a good day. I’m doing my best to make that happen

@JeremyPowers: If you didn’t see it yesterday, Behind THE Barriers summer edition is up and running, check out our 1st EP: http://vimeo.com/24366749

@JeremyPowers: “extra dark pecan waffle and 3 eggs!”. Getting ready for nationals, fuel down the hatch: http://twitpic.com/54lo3h

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  1. CruJones

    16. Jun, 2011

    Thats why Jpow is rad. He is a normal dude who hauls A$$ on a bike. He doesn’t have a too cool for school complex like a lot of dudes. He responds on facebook, says hi to everyone and is a funny dude. Eooooooowwwwwwwwww!


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