Reactions from Borrajo, Hanson And Cantwell After Riverview Crit

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Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis/Sutter Home) doubled up on the third and final race of the St Francis Tulsa Tough. He escaped, along with one other rider, to take the crit win and the overall omnium win.  Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly) took the field sprint for third which moved him up to second overall. Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia) finished third overall.

Read what Borrajo, Hanson and Cantwell had to say after the race.

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Tulsa Tough  omnium podium: 1st Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis/Sutter Home), 2nd Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly), 3rd Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia)

Tulsa Tough omnium podium: 1st Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis/Sutter Home), 2nd Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly), 3rd Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia)

Alejandro Borrajo (JamisSutter Home). “This is perfect. I never go outside the podium, I always go up one step.”

About his attack. “I go and I opened the gap with the other Argentinean, and then after five laps, I turned around and we had all the road and I say maybe we can go [to the finish].”

About the race. “This is a perfect circuit for us and I was riding good yesterday and Friday, so I decided to attack and we’d see what happened. When I went to the front, I opened a gap, Sebastian tells me to go to the line and I did. I finished stronger every lap, I had a good breakmate with me, Dotti and we worked together very well.”

About leading on the climb every lap. “I felt good and I told him that I was good and to tell me if I was going too hard, he told me he was strong and could follow me. He actually worked in the same power as me. It’s great.”

Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly p/b KENDA). “Will Dickeson and Sean Mazich rode the front for most of it, just to keep it steady and try to hold off the barrage of attacks of Jamis/Sutter Home and then they stirred the pot, it split a lap or so and then Anibal and Alejandro were taking turns while Cantwell and I were covering them. It was just going to be a matter of time before one of them slipped away. We were hoping that there weren’t going to have anyone dangerous with them. We worked with Fly V trying to brink it back and controlled, it’s just a hard course to control. The guys rode great, we didn’t quite have the numbers, we let the leash get too long and then, Luis Amaran was attacking up the climb; the first time he went we panicked and brought him back too hard, we lost our rhythm and kind of blew a lot of our guys too quick. I think if we would have kept it steady and kept ramping up the pace every lap, we would have been able to bring it back because they weren’t more than 5 or 7 seconds in front of us for the finish it seemed like, just before the downhill they were just right there but, it was just attacks, attacks, jockeying for third place. We lost the overall which is disappointing but Jamis has got eight guys here, they have their best team, the guys are a phenomenal team, they had the cards, they had the numbers and they played them perfectly. It’s the way it goes.”

About the final lap. “Exergy took over and I was on Huff’s wheel. They come into the hill hard and then they sit up like they’re going to get back in into fifth wheel. Huff took over and Lawson Craddock from Trek went and I got on his wheel, he sat up just at the top of the climb and I was stuck there. What I was hoping to see is that he was going to drill it and hopefully, bring the gap down close enough to where I could ride through the corner first, smooth and start my sprint. Instead it didn’t happen, Jonny Cantwell was in front of me, there were guys crashing on all the different spaces, lines and first and foremost I just tried to stay upright and Cantwell had a little bit of a leash on me on the last corner, I caught him back, got him so that’s nice but the win is the win and we didn’t get it but it’s okay, the guys rode great. It’s so hot, you’re think you’re good but as soon as you have to go hard, your body tells you no.”

Jonny Cantwell (V Australia). “Jamis were pretty much always one of the guys putting digs because they had a full squad here. Jelly Belly rode as much as they could, V Australia rode as much as we could. I kind of thought with two guys it wasn’t super dangerous but Alejandro is riding really strong at the moment and unfortunately we ran out of manpower, Jelly Belly ran out of manpower, and unfortunately Ken Hanson kicked me on the line, and rolled over me for the overall. Today I’m not really that happy but that’s bike racing, you win some, you lose some. We had a great start to the Tulsa Tough. I finished fourth today, we had a win and actually a fourth yesterday, we’re in to make money and we did that, so mission accomplished.”

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