Reactions from Crowell, Van Gilder and Pezzulo after Brady Village Crit

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Jackie Crowell (Team Type 1-sanofi aventis) won the Brady Village Crit, day 2 of the St Francis Tulsa Tough with a solo attack at two laps to go. Laura van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) took the field sprint for second ahead of omnium leader Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/MapMyRide).

Read what the three had to say after the race.

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Tulsa Tough - Brady Village crit podium: 1st Jackie crowell (Team Type 1), 2nd Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom), 3rd Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/MapMyride)

Tulsa Tough - Brady Village crit podium: 1st Jackie crowell (Team Type 1), 2nd Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom), 3rd Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/MapMyride)

Jackie Crowell (Team Type 1-sanofi aventis). “Kori and I have raced together for three years now so it’s very instinctual for us but we like to keep it aggressive. And fortunately, the other teams here also like to keep it aggressive. Primal, Now & Novartis raced aggressively, very much thanks to them for doing that, it sets us up very well. Kori is a great teammate, I saw her blocking for me and we worked well together. She got third yesterday and I was very, very happy for her. I crashed, I got a little thing on my elbow but it’s not bad. Two podiums in two days, it’s great for Team Type 1 only have two girls here, so I think we’re representing very well.”

About her attacks. “I saw an opportunity and I went for it. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold it. What do they say? You haven’t lost until you’ve given up, and I knew that, I knew I had to keep going so I went again, and it paid off in the end. I knew I couldn’t look back. Looking back is the difference between first and second so I didn’t look back, I just went and it paid off, I got the win. ”

About her win. “I didn’t know I was going to win until I won and that was cool. It felt like a breakaway but also like a sprint because I didn’t know until the end. This is, I guess, my biggest win since u23 in 2009. I’m 23, I’m young and I want to get on a Pro team next year, that’s my goal and this will certainly help me get there.”

Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom). “I’m happy I moved up to second place in the omnium. I really like tomorrow’s course and Tulsa is a fantastic three days of racing, they put on a great event and we’re happy that Kristen and I could be down here. We’re sad to miss Clarendon but you have to make decisions and we’re happy with our results here so far for Mellow Mushroom.”

About her early attacks. “I was trying to patrol the race. I definitely wanted to ride for the win today and I wasn’t going to be complacent and let something go unmarked and certainly it may have squashed any attempts but it set it up for something that I was comfortable with, whether it’s a break or a field sprint, I feel pretty comfortable with those odds.”

About the final laps. “Often times the field would me strung out because Now & Novartis was at the front, then it would sort of swarm and reshuffle. [When Jackie went] that certainly set up a different dynamic, Primal and Now had to consider bringing her back but in enough time that their sprinter would be set up. That of course did not happen so Primal went to the front but not enough horsepower to get her at the end but you know, it’s tricky sprint coming into those last few corners, and Jackie had the gap that she needed to hold us off. That’s great and yes I ended up second but honestly I’m happy to win the field sprint against the company that I was with and the crowd prime sealed the deal, that was fantastic.”

About the $850 prime. “The CycleOps guys began raising that crowd prime at the beginning of the day and they told the announcers they could split it up, they could do whatever they wanted so I was listening, thinking well maybe they split it up and we’re going to hear something a little less and either way, I knew that I wanted to do for some primes today to test out the sprint. And when I heard 850, ‘this is it, it’s worth really really going for it’, and I did that and I was very pleased because I knew so many other girls were going to be doing that so it was a real test for the finish.”

Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/MapMyRide Women’s Racing). “Yesterday I did so much and I was like dying in the break so today, Susannah our director said ‘Tiffany, you’re not working’. My entire team totally stepped up, I could rest, I could chill, they have it totally under control, they were awesome.”

About the final laps. “With six laps, I found the Professor, Nicky’s wheel. I was on Nicky but it was just getting shuffled like crazy out there. I had Emily around me and then Liza who is such an aggressive rider. Nicky and Liza lined it up and on the last lap, they just totally strung it out. Of course, Jackie was off the front but then Laura actually got on Nicky’s wheel, and there was Jen [McRae], Erica [Allar], Jenn [Purcell] and I. Coming down the hill, you could feel the field chomping, there was some dicey-ness but we kept everyone together. I was probably about 7th or 8th wheel coming into the last turn and passed everyone but Laura coming in. My team did a great job, we didn’t get the win today but I’m still leading the omnium. Every day we’re getting it together with our team and it was, again, so much fun to race here. ”

About final day. “Tomorrow is a tough one. It’s going to be hot. We’re going to come out and be ready to race tomorrow. With Emily, Liza and Kasey, just really strong girls. Kasey totally stepped it up today, she’s really more of a stage racer but she proved her crit riding abilities today so it was awesome. We’re going to have a of matches tomorrow so we’re excited.”

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