There’s An App For That: Drug Search 3.0

Posted on 08. Jun, 2011 by in news, releases

Drugsearch App

Drugsearch App

Version 3.0 of the iPhone/iPad DrugSearch Application, from James Mattis, engineer and rider with CalGiant, is now available.

DrugSearch version 3.0 updates the app with the revised 2011 WADA (World Anti-Doping Authority) list of prohibited substances and methods, along with a new subscription service that allows users to remove advertisements from the app.

The DrugSearch 3.0 app is a universal app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that puts the WADA prohibited substance list at their fingertips as they walk the aisle of their grocery store or drug store. The app allows users to quickly browse or search the prohibited substances list to insure that the foods, vitamins, supplements, and medications that they are taking are legal. This is a surprisingly complicated mine field to navigate through when things that seem harmless like breakfast cereal contain banned substances like THC that could result in a positive test.

The updated app fixes numerous bugs that impaired search and browser performance, leading to significant improvement in user experience. However, one of the biggest improvements comes from the option to purchase an upgrade that removes the ads from the app. Ads slow down the performance of the DrugSearch app by causing the app to slowly load an ad over the cell phone or wireless network each time a page is displayed. In addition, users who purchase an upgrade to Ad-free DrugSearch before July 1st, 2011 receive 50% off the regular upgrade price.

Another significant addition in version 3.0 is a new page allowing users to browse or search the US Food & Drug Administration warning list of contaminated substances. This provides users with timely information about supplements that may contain WADA prohibited substances.

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2 Responses to “There’s An App For That: Drug Search 3.0”

  1. Adam Myerson

    08. Jun, 2011

    Been using this since the first version. James did a great job with this, and I make sure all the riders on the team have it on their phones. Really helpful.

  2. lyne

    09. Jun, 2011

    thanks Adam!