Armstrong Crushes Sea Otter Road Race

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After her teammates softened up the field, Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) attacked with less than 2 laps to go and simply flew away from the field at the Sea Otter Classic Road Race. By the time she crossed the finish line, she had over two minutes on the field and made it two for two. She also increased her points lead in the omnium with two stages to go.

Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & CO Twenty12) soloed to win Sea Otter Classic - Road Race

Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & CO Twenty12) soloed to win Sea Otter Classic - Road Race

Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) won the  uphill sprint for second ahead of Kristina Seley (Missing Link/Specialized).

The field stayed together for most of the 5 laps around the 7.7-mile Ford Ord loop. The climbs and the winds gathering strength made it too difficult for many riders to escape.  Attacks were tried but nothing stuck until Armstrong hit it. With the overall general classification based on points and not time, her time gap actually didn’t matter at that point to the field as they were racing for second.


Kristin Armstrong
(Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12). “It really started off a little bit slow, I think everyone was watching each other. Primal lined it up a couple of times but I wasn’t quite sure what they were doing but I think they were trying to be together as a team maybe, I’m not quite sure because there wasn’t really much attacking. A couple of girls attacked but nobody was interested in letting people get away. I felt that there were either climbs today or a headwind so it was a little bit tough for gals that can’t climb if they’re going to attack, they’re going be into a wall. So it didn’t work out quite well for those teams that maybe wanted to get away before the climb. Then I had Alisha with me going hard on the climbs, Coryn was going to jump on the attacks, and Olivia we setup her in the feedzone. After a couple of laps, nothing was really happening so we thought we’d try a little bit and get people moving. And so I took it apart on the climb at the feedzone, then on those rollers she [Olivia] went off. Primal got up front and they chased one by one, then when we went back around, I said ‘hey you know, I think we need to try and soften some legs’. A couple of attacks went, Coryn got on them, Alisha went hard at the front and she went just hard enough to pop everybody it was awesome, it was a great team effort.”

What was going through her mind while solo. “I was thinking ‘oh all these girls are back there laughing because I have a time trial tomorrow and now the joke is on me because I wanted to soften everyone’s legs and they softened up mine. So joke is on me today.” (laughs)

Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus). “We were just trying to all be up there and have a good one, show what we can do. When Kristin went, when you’re racing against ladies that are just so strong, just coming into the senior rankings, you’re just hanging in. When she went and it’s not on time, we made the decision, it’s only two of us in the bunch, we decided to let her go and save it for the final sprint.”

About the final lap. “The girls weren’t going very hard for the first half of it, then the second half they all started pushing the pace especially the ones the knew that they couldn’t win going up the hill. We were just going hard and I was keeping at the front so I could be there, I knew that I had a little bit left in the tank.”

About the wind. “It wasn’t too bad. I had a lot of racing in Holland last year so I’m used to it and then in New Zealand, it’s actually pretty windy so it wasn’t too bad.”

Top 10 Stage 2 Results
1. Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) 2:16:22
2. Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) 2:19:34
3. Kristina Seley (Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized) 2:19:35
4. Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) 2:19:36
5. Flavia Oliveira (Project Cycling Women) 2:19:37
6. Rhae-Christine Shaw 2:19:38
7. Jade Wilcoxson (Landshark/Flywheel) 2:19:42
8. Kristen LaSasso (Wheelbuilder.xom) 2:19:45
9. Anna Barensfeld (Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized) 2:19:48
10. Kasey Clark (Primal/MapMyRide) 2:19:54

Top 10 GC After Stage 2
1. Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) 214 pts
2. Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) 140
3. Flavia Oliveira (Project Cycling Women) 130
4. Jade Wilcoxson (Landshark/Flywheel) 115
5. Kristina Seley (Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized) 107
6. Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) 95
7. Rhae-Christine Shaw 94
8. Samantha Schneider (TIBCO/To The Top) 91
9. Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) 91
10. Erika Graves (NOW-MS Society) 89

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