Photo Gallery Men’s Merco Almond Blossom Road Race

Posted on 07. Mar, 2011 by in photos, race

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Merco Credit Union Cycling Almond Blossom Road Race

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Merco Credit Union Cycling Classic


6 Responses to “Photo Gallery Men’s Merco Almond Blossom Road Race”

  1. Donna Woods

    07. Mar, 2011

    Says it all Nick.Great shot Lyne.

  2. Donna Woods

    07. Mar, 2011

    All of your pics Lyne,tell a race story of serious Belgiumness.Wet,cold,dangerous road conditions,carnage,a serious breakaway, pain, being high on the whole scene (Rob Evans), fire in the belly unlike I’ve ever seen (Logan Loader),and then the smooth operators just out to clean up with some serious power (Ben & Bissell).

    Thanks for suffering right along with everyone so we can look back and admire, respect and re-live what they went through that day.

  3. Nick Frey

    07. Mar, 2011

    Ha! I was quite proud of myself for avoiding the spill that took out half the field! Thanks Lyne, you suffered in that weather right along with us.

  4. Name Steve

    07. Mar, 2011

    What Donna said.

  5. lyne

    07. Mar, 2011

    thank you Donna.

  6. John Renz

    07. Mar, 2011

    Tremendous coverage once again Lyne! No one does it better (sorry Graham Watson)!