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Belgian Laurens Sweeck took the win in the juniors race at the GVA Grote Prijs Sven Nys. His brother Diether came in second and Belgian Timo Verschueren was third. Americans Drew Dillman and US Jr National Cross Champion Jeffrey Bahnson came in 6th and 7th respectively. Canadian Karl Hoppner was 8th.

Top 5 and North American Jr GP Sven Nys Results
1. Laurens Sweeck (Bel) 0:40:10
2. Diether Sweeck (Bel) +00:45
3. Timo Verschueren (Bel) +01:09
4. Matthias Van de Velde (Bel) +02:00
5. Lorenzo Pepermans (Bel) +02:20
6. Andrew Dillman (USA) +02:38
7. Jeffrey Bahnson (USA) +02:51
8. Karl Hoppner (Can) +03:45
16. Gunnar Bergey (USA) -1lap
19. Bjorn Fox (USA) -2laps
DNF. Zane Godby (USA)

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GP Sven Nys

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Gunnar Bergey

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