Dillman Is Best Junior American At Zolder

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Lars Förster of Switzerland quickly escaped the field to win the Junior Men Zolder World Cup in snowy, messy and difficult conditions. It was just snow on the ground for the juniors but snow was also falling for the first race of the day. Vojtech Nipl of the Czech Republic and Stan Godrie of the Netherlands finished in second and third. World Cup leader Laurens Sweeck, of Belgium, finished fourth and remains the leader of the series.

Swiss Lars Forster is solo at the front

Swiss Lars Forster is solo at the front

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Finishing in 29th, Drew Dillman was the Top American. He used his mid to back row starting position to his advantage.

“I’m not much of a holeshot guy but that kind of worked for my benefit.” Dillman explained. “Right into the first turn, everybody just piled up and I was on my bike, I could see everybody pile up and I just rode around them, I didn’t even have to get off really. I was on Bahnson’s wheel and me and him were together and we passed so many people just because we didn’t have to get off our bikes, it was pretty nice. So the first lap I caught a lot of guys. On the second lap I started to settle in and still catching some more guys and in the third, at the end of the race I was just around this Italian guy.”

With the icy, snowy conditions, Dillman had a bad warm up and quickly changed his tires before the start of the race. “I had the worst warm up ever because I was crashing, I was hitting all kinds of these ruts, I had different wheels on and when I got back, I switched them to Rhinos and it was way better. I didn’t get to ride with the rhinos and so when I got on there, it was a big difference, I liked it a lot.”

Drew Dillman uses his hand to claw up run up

Drew Dillman uses his hand to claw up run up

Due to the conditions, he ran most of the downhills. “I liked the climbs, I’m a pretty skinny guy so it wasn’t that hard to get up those. I was shouldering my bike and using my other hand to crawl up. All the downhills, almost all of them, I think there was one that I was riding, I was just getting off and all the other guys had their bikes on the ground taking small steps and I put my bike up and was taking five-foot long jumps, I was hurtling down them and I probably passed so many guys, just hurtling. I remember one time, it was an Italian guy and a German guy a ways in front of me and by the bottom I was on their wheel because they were just going so slow running down it. My legs were really tired because it was really hard to jump that long but I guess it worked out.”

Not a good day for Yannick Eckmann who finished 20th

Not a good day for Yannick Eckmann who finished 20th

German National and Boulder resident Yannick Eckmann had his worst World Cup race ever. Nothing was working for the USGP overall winner. First it was a slow start.”I started off pulling on my pedals like fifteen times so I was first row and then I was mid-field.”

Then it was crashing and crashing again. “At the first turn, I pushed everybody to the side I did not care, I was second and then downhill I crashed really bad. Then the uphill I was okay and then the next downhill I crashed again, then on the straightaways I couldn’t do anymore I was hurting already and then basically everything happened over and over again.”

And finally, a mechanical. “One lap to go, my back chain ring went into the inside into the spokes in the back, and I had to run up to the chapel, down the hill, on the pavement into the pit which is a long way, I lost four places there. Only four though, it’s a pretty long run and only lost four places because there was such a huge gap. And then, just got a new bike, I was like ‘ef everything.’”

He was feeling the crashes right after the race. “My whole left leg is blue and sore, when I push on it it feels a little sore.” Eckmann finished 20th.

Dillman was followed by Bjorn Fox in 31st, USA Junior National Champion Jeff Bahnson in 37th and Zane Godby in 41st. Both Gunnar Bergey and Cypress Gorry finished one lap down. Canadian Karl Hoppner finished 34th

Junior Men Zolder World Cup (Complete results)
1. Lars Forster (Switzerland) 0:41:53
2. Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic) +00:30
3. Stan Godrie (Netherlands) +00:33
4. Laurens Sweeck (Belgium) +00:34
5. Jakub Skala (Czech Republic) +00:39
20. Yannick Eckmann (Germany – ECXC) +02:46
29. Andrew Dillman (United States Of America) +04:32
31. Bjorn Fox (United States Of America) +04:56
34. Karl Hoppner (Canada) +05:06
37. Jeff Bahnson (United States Of America) +05:09
41. Zane Godby (United States Of America) +06:45
-1lap Gunnar Bergey (United States Of America)
-1lap Cypress Gorry (United States Of America)

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