Having Fun At EuroCrossCamp

Posted on 23. Dec, 2010 by in photos

With a planned race canceled the day prior, EuroCrossCamp director Geoff Proctor decided to hold a training race on Wednesday for his riders and a visiting Ryan Trebon. At stake were a day off from chores at the house, a signed Sven Nys poster and more importantly bragging rights.

“They need some sort of effort middle of the week and with no racing during the five weekdays so I’ve always wanted to have some intersquad scrimmage and that’s what this was. Not everybody went super hard, they had different training goals but I just wanted them to get an effort in and a little friendly competition.” Proctor explained.

For some, the race was done on a borrowed bike and wearing borrowed kit as their luggage had still not arrived, lost somewhere in the Heathrow blackhole. Not all of the 20 riders EuroCrossCamp participated in the race.

Showdown was appropriately at noon on a foggy day. Laughter was heard as the 30-minute race got started and some course cutting might have happened while Proctor provided the play by play. Who won? Trebon took the Elite, Zach McDonald the U23 and Cypress Gorry the junior competition. As for the overall, well the decision is up to you.

Stay tuned for more on EuroCrossCamp.

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  1. Name Jerry

    25. Dec, 2010

    I love this shot!

  2. Name Maggie

    25. Dec, 2010

    Merry Christmas, Boyo!