Live Video Chat with Meredith Miller

Posted on 15. Nov, 2010 by in interviews, live

It’s Miller time. There I said it. Meredith Miller will be answering your questions.

Update: Thank you all for participating in the live chat and stay tuned for the next one.

Roadie with Team TIBCO, cross racer with the California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized, Miller represented the US at both the Road World Championships and Cyclocross World Championships within 4 months of each other in 2009/10. After years of racing as what she calls ‘teammate extraordinaire’ on the road, she won the US National Road Championships in 2009.

Here’s how it works: You type in your question in the chat room that will be below the video when live. I will monitor and ask Meredith and you can watch him answer. Simple right?

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