Sam Smith and Jeremy Powers Take You Behind The Barriers

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2009 USA Cycling number one ranked cyclocross racer Jeremy Powers is proud to announce a new collaboration with legendary cyclocross documentarian Sam Smith entitled “Behind the Barriers.” Powers and Smith have set out to provide behind-the-scenes access to the world of professional cyclocross that has never been seen before. What is most revolutionary about Behind the Barriers is the speed at which fans will be treated to new episodes of the seven to ten installment series. In the past, documentary viewers have had to wait until the close of the season for the films’ unveilings. Not so with Behind the Barriers, of which three episodes have already been released.

The Making of 'Behind the Barriers' with Jeremy Powers at Gloucester

The Making of 'Behind the Barriers' with Jeremy Powers at Gloucester

“Our hope is to motivate people to go out and see the races,” says Powers, the series star and creator. Powers is always quick to give back to his fans, and is eager to help the development of cyclocross in the United States. “These are cool events. People are having fun, drinking beer. It’s like a festival and I want people to come out and experience that. People that are new to cyclocross and don’t know what is going on. I want Behind the Barriers to be like hanging out with me at a cyclocross event. It’s like a personal tour through the world of professional cyclocross where Jeremy Powers is your tour guide.”

“Behind the Barriers is supposed to give people a truly behind the scenes look at an elite racer’s life,” says producer Sam Smith. “In some ways it is similar to what I was trying to do with the Transition movies. But now, with nearly instant distribution via the web, it’s easy to show people up-to-the-minute stuff. We want to get these episodes out fast, so the material is fresh for people.” Two episodes of the series have already been released on Jeremy’s website,, which detail the Cannondale prepared by launch in Beverly, Massachusetts, and Powers’ trip to Las Vegas for Interbike and Cross Vegas.

Behind the Barriers is more than just a behind-the-scenes look at professional cyclocross. It is also a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Jeremy Powers. “After hanging out with him in Vegas, I don’t have any comprehension of how he won on Saturday in Madison,” says Smith. Powers backed up a seventh place finish at Cross Vegas with a win in Saturday’s Planet Bike Cup in Madison, Wisconsin. “He was going flat out for three days straight, like 20 hours a day, and then won a huge ‘cross race a day and a half later. The amount of energy he has is unreal. He’s definitely a character, but he is also one of the best ‘cross racers in the world.”

“I would say one goal of the series is to show people how ridiculous Powers is,” said Smith of the aims of Behind the Barriers. “I think what sets this series apart is mine and Jeremy’s mutual approach of trying to keep the material natural and fun, and as authentic as possible. We both want to let what happens happen, and build the episodes out of that, which is usually the way I try to produce stuff anyway.”

After taking a look at the Cannondale prepared by team launch and Jeremy’s trip to Las Vegas, Behind the Barriers moves to the Gran Prix of Gloucester, fondly known as New England Worlds. Due out just after the race draws to a close, the forth installment of Behind the Barriers promises to be as fast paced and exciting as the previous three episodes. “I wish I could invite everyone to come out to these cyclocross races,” says Powers “I felt the best way to do that was to bring them these videos. It’s really all about the fans.” And if you ask Jeremy Powers and Sam Smith, they wouldn’t want it any other way.

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