Rivera, Jensen Win Final Race In Tulsa

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After numerous attacks in the two previous races at the St Francis Tulsa Tough, the break finally stuck in the third and final race of the series,  the Riverview Criterium. And what a fun race it was. Held on a 1 kilometer-course by the Arkansas River with a short punchy climb followed by rollers, a swift descent and right turn to straightaway to start/finish line. And the fans came out in force on the Cry Baby Hill, costumed, dancing in streets and spraying the riders with hoses and squirting water bottles at them.

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Video Gallery
Brian Jensen (Travewind Energy/Trek Stores)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7EAMCgPVlk
Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njFVletzbWc
Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru Cycling Team)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw9aTWtj21I
Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5QOSaMoHS8
Amanda Miller (TIBCO/To The Top)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhGicOlBsro
Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhGjFroq8VY

Brian Jensen (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores) took a flyer from a late race breakaway in the men’s 80-minute crit to cross the line solo for the win. Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse) finished second and Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru) third. The Jelly Belly presented by Kenda team held on to its 1-2 spots in the omnium. Brad Huff, who finished 14th in the final race, took the top spot and his teammate Sean Mazich took second. Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SCVelo) was third.

Brian Jensen (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores) soloed to victory at the Riverview Criterium

Brian Jensen (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores) soloed to victory at the Riverview Criterium

“I wanted to win here so bad.” It was clear that Jensen was looking for the big W today. He went into move after move always riding at the front when with about 30 minutes left in the 80-minute criterium he went on a solo flyer.

But before that, attacks flew. “It was really aggressive and the heat was taking a toll. Big groups of 10 to 15 were getting off and getting caught.” said Bergman.

“Everyone didn’t want to do an effort because of the heat and then if a group did an effort, that one guy was let it go and it would just be gone.” said Huff about the lack of teams willing to control the race. He added “I was just lucky that my teammates were so strong to be able to pull it back or another team would chase and bring it back, I commend my team they did all the work. ”

The first salvo was launched by a Metro Volkswagen rider on the first lap and it was game on. Stefan Rothe (Hotel San Jose) quickly followed with a counter-attack. Protecting Huff’s lead in the omnium, his teammates came to the front to control. Chad Cagle (Park Place) bridged up to Rothe and that got a swift reaction from the Jelly Belly p/b Kenda team as Jeremy Powers kicked in the engine to bring the duo back. Cagle was one of the 8 riders that were a threat to the overall and being watched by the Jelly Bellies.

On and on attacks flew. Riders that tried their chances, some multiple times, included Joseph Schmalz (Mercy Cycling), Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse), Cheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Nicholas Coil (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores), Stefan Rothe (Hotel San Jose), Steve Tilford (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores), Chad Haga (Super Squadra), Christian Helmig (Metro Volkswagen), Bergman ,  Jensen and lots more.

Everything did get reeled back everything until Jensen went once again with 30 minutes to go. Two riders, Rothe and Bergman, reacted to the move and bridged up.

“I knew that was the time, I squeaked by the peloton and got up there.” said Bergman.

With 8 laps to go, the trio had a 10 second gap with Jensen putting some massive pulls. The trio kept on going, with no one taking control of the chase. With four laps to go, riders escaped the field to try and bridge up, Davies solo and Logan Hutchings (Hotel San Jose) and Cagle together a few seconds behind.

“I know them very well,” said Jensen about his breakmates. “I’ve raced with them many times, I know Adam Bergman is really fast at the finish. As we were riding, I kind of felt that we were falling apart a little bit, I wanted to win here so bad, I was really motivated, I kept positive the whole time, I was only thinking about the win.”

With 3 laps to go, the Aerocat team lined up at the front with Jelly Belly p/b Kenda right behind them to try.

“I did some small attacks in the final laps to feel,” said Jensen about the testers he threw at his breakmates, “they weren’t happy with it so I knew they weren’t feeling as great as I was. When I went with two laps to go, I put it all out there.”

Davies and Hutchings made their way to the break just before Jensen attacked solo.

With 2 laps to go, Jensen attacked on Cry Baby Hill. “With the spectators out there on the hill, it’s a great place to attack, you don’t feel anything, you just hear the roar coming from the side, it’s a great place to attack, I didn’t really feel anything other than excitement.”

Huff was happy with the Jensen attack. “We weren’t concerned because he wasn’t in the overall, he only had one point going into today and we’re like that’s great. He’ll be able to hold them off and take points away.

“I had no chance. I bridged up by myself and that took three laps. A lap later, he went. At that point I was following wheels, trying to be smart and thinking about the podium.” said Davies.

Jensen was off and truly there was no way that he could be caught. “I looked back and I had a huge gap, it’s a great feeling, that’s what I train for every day, that feeling right there.”

It was then every man for himself for the two remaining spots on the podium.

“I didn’t really sprint, I looked back going down the downhill on the backside and the whole peloton was coming. I just decided to pull the rest of the group, I was getting gaps around that corner every laps on that corner on the downhill, I was able to say in front of everybody for second.” said Bergman.

“I left it all on that corner, I had nothing after that. I just bombed through that corner, passed Stefan Rothe and all I got to do is not hit the breaks and I think I can get third, and that’s what I did.” said Davies.

As for Huff and Mazich, it was all about positioning in the final dash to the line. “It was crazy.” said Huff who finished fourteenth in the race. “We were in good position but whoever was leading out just sat up and stopped and we got swarmed and we weren’t able to get into position. Everyone goes nuts that last corner so we just played it safe.”

St Francis Tulsa Tough omnium - 1st Brad Huff (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda), 2nd Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda), 3rd Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SCVelo)

St Francis Tulsa Tough omnium - 1st Brad Huff (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda), 2nd Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda), 3rd Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SCVelo)

17-year old Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) outsprinted her breakmates to take the win in the women’s 60-minute race. Amanda Miller (TIBCO/To The Top) finished second and Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma) third.  Riding solo, Jennifer Purcell (MSU Cycling), made her way into the break and successfully defended her lead in the omnium. Rivera took second and Gokey-Smith third.

Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) wins Riverview Criterium ahead of Amanda Miller (TIBCO/To The Top) and Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma)

Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) wins Riverview Criterium ahead of Amanda Miller (TIBCO/To The Top) and Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma)

“I threw an attack down.” The race started off pretty mellow for the women’s 60-minute race as they made their way up Cry Baby Hill where the party was just starting. But already we had a cowboy, a man holding a baby doll and other assorted party-goers.

After a few laps of testing legs, the pace ramped up and the first attacks were off. One such move was with Megan Guarnier (TIBCO/To The Top), Lauren Hall (Team VBF) and Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom). Van Gilder’s presence in the move was too dangerous for Purcell and she shut down, bringing the field with her.

Next up was Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda) with Amanda Miller (TIBCO/To The Top) jumping on. And shut down once again. Jackie Crowell (Team Type 1) tried her hand solo on a prime lap, the chase was on by Guarnier and Van Gilder. No go.

With 13 laps to go, Carrie Cash (Team VBF) and Miller tried their luck but that move didn’t stick either.

Then Alison Testroete (Team VBF) made an attack to get the Queen of the Mountain points. And the right combination was found as Rivera, Purcell, Guarnier and Van Gilder jumped on.

“I hopped on the wheel, looked back and we had a gap and just drove it from there.” said Rivera about the break formation.

For Purcell who was riding with no teammates, the break was perfect. “That was ideal I thought, especially I could keep my eye on Christina and Laura who I was mostly watching for the omnium points and they were right there.”

Alone racing solo, Gokey-Smith’s plan was to watch Purcell and Van Gilder especially. So she had to make her way up there. “Actually I had to bridge up to the break, I wasn’t in it. I bridged up to it, I wanted it to stick after putting in an effort. Especially Jen Purcell, myself and Laura with no teammates definitely had an incentive to make the break stick.”

The break quickly got 10 seconds. With 11 laps to go, Miller tried to bridge up but sat up when she saw that she had Cash on her wheel. With ten to go, Miller went again, this time solo.

“It was pretty tough, it took me a lap and a half to get up there.” said Miller. “We had Megan in there but were needed another rider in there. All the omnium riders were up there, I figured if I could make a clean break and get up there by myself it would be a good situation.”

Back in the field, Team Kenda and Team Type 1 tried to organize for the chase but no one was really interested in participating. With 5 laps to go, the gap was holding at 10 seconds. With four to go, the riders in the break started thinking about the finish and watching each other while Guarnier took some strong pulls at the front.

“I was waiting for the final sprint, just because I didn’t know if I had the legs to jump. There had been a lot of people sitting in. I really like this last corner and I figured I could bomb it maybe make up some ground.” saud Miller.

With less than 3 to go, Crowell escaped solo to try and bridge up but she would not make it. The break continued together until the final lap.  Rivera made her move on the rollers after the climb.

“There’s a little dip after the climb, I threw an attack down, looked under my shoulder and Laura Van Gilder was right on me. I drove it down the hill through the corner and all the way to the end.” said Rivera.

“Coryn attacked before the downhill, Laura responded and I grabbed Laura’s wheel, I think that caused a little separation. I don’t know how big of a gap there was, I was just trying to hold on the wheel in front of me.” said Miller.

“I was last coming out of the corner up at the top,” said Gokey-Smith, “I had to sprint down and squeazed by Laura before the turn. I think Coryn already had 10 meters on me out of the corner.”

And that’s how it ended up. Rivera for the win, Miller second and Gokey-Smith third.

Purcell finished sixth in the crit which was enough to win the omnium. “I was really racing for the overall today, of course in retrospect now I am wishing I had gone for the win. I did a lot of work just to secure the break, that was really my focus today.”

“I would have liked to have won, I’m tired of being a bridesmaid.” smiled Gokey-Smith. “I love Tulsa, this is always such a great place to race a bike and I’m pretty excited to be on the podium today.”

St Francis Tulsa Tough omnium - 1st Jennifer Purcell (MSU Cycling), Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) 2nd,  Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma) 3rd

St Francis Tulsa Tough omnium - 1st Jennifer Purcell (MSU Cycling), Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) 2nd, Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma) 3rd

Top 10 Men Results (Complete Results)
1. Brian Jensen  (Energy Tradewind/Trek Stores) 1:21:01.0
2. Adam Bergman  (Texas Roadhouse) 1:21:06.0
3. Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru Cycling Team) 1:21:07.0
4. Stefan Rothe  (Hotel San Jose/ Mellow Johnny) 1:21:09.0
5. Isaac Howe  (Team Mountain Khakis) 1:21:10.0
6. Phillip Mann  (UCI CT: Bahati Foundation Pro) st
7. Chad Cagle  (Park Place) st
8. Bryan Fawley  (Park Place Dealerships) st
9. Andrew Crater  (Aerocat Cycling Team) st
10. Neil Bezdek  (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jitte) st

Top 10 Women Results (Complete Results)
1. Coryn Rivera  (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12) 1:00:26.0
2. Amanda Miller  (Team TIBCO) st
3. Christina Smith  (Veloforma) st
4. Laura Van Gilder  (Mellow Mushroom) 1:00:27.0
5. Alison Testroete   (Team Vera Bradley Foundation) 1:00:28.0
6. Jennifer Purcell  (MSU Cycling) st
7. Megan Guarnier  (Team TIBCO) 1:00:29.0
8. Jacquelyn Crowell  (Team Type 1) 1:00:53.0
9. Devon Haskell  (Team TIBCO) 1:01:09.0
10. Emma Petersen   () 1:01:14.0

Top 10 Women Omnium
1. Jennifer Purcell (MSU Cycling) 59 pts
2. Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter Co TWENTY12) 54
3. Christina Gokey-Smith (Veloforma) 53
4. Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) 52
5. Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO) 48
6. Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation) 36
7. Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO) 32
8. Nichole Wangsgard (Roosters p/b Edge Composite) 32
9. Emma Petersen 29
10. Men McRae (Chann McRae Coaching) 28

Top 10 Men Omnium
1. Brad Huff (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda) 74 pts
2. Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda) 62
3. Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Williams Cycling p/b SCVelo) 55
4. Chad Cagle (Park Place) 54
5. Chris DeMarchi (Amgen/Giant Masters) 52
6. Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru Cycling Team) 49
7. Jason Waddell (Park Place) 49
8. Kyle Gritters (Williams Cycling p/b SCVelo) 46
9. Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes) 44
10. Emile Abraham (Aerocat Cycling Team) 43

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