Bahati Foundation Team Continuing On

Posted on 28. May, 2010 by in news

The famous¬†Mark Twain quote – “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” – is quite appropriate for the Bahati Foundation Cycling Team today.¬† Rumors have been swirling about the team folding following the Floyd Landis doping allegations and statements but the team is continuing on without its co-sponsor.

San Dimas Stage Race - Glendora Time Trial

San Dimas Stage Race - Glendora Time Trial

“The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team will be moving forward without the continued support of OUCH Medical Center due to the recent turbulent media environment. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Brent Kay for his generous support and respect his decision to minimize involvement in the cycling world at this time.” read the team statement.

Landis joined the team in early March just in time to be part of the official launch in Los Angeles. A month later, the OUCH Sports Medicine Center, with long-time Landis supporter Kay, became a co-sponsor of the team changing the squad name to OUCH-Bahati Foundation Team.

The statement continued, “Also, due to the media intensive environment, the team and Floyd Landis have decided to amicably part ways. We support his courage to come forward in an effort to facilitate a drug free and fair sport.”

“The team is working to update sponsorship and continue supporting the mission of the Bahati Foundation. The Foundation supports youth in inner-city through the sport of cycling and GIVEBACK programs.” it concluded.

An internal email was sent this week to the riders and staff to explain the situation and to allow the riders to pursue other avenues if they wish to do so – as per UCI rules.


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