UnitedHealthcare sweeps Dana Point TT

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The UnitedHealthcare presented by Maxxis took over the podium at the inaugural Killer Cove Time Trial today in Dana Point. Brad White was the only rider to break the 5-minute barrier with a time of 4:56 over the 2.25-mile (3.6km) course, mostly flat but with a 18% kicker above the Dana Point Harbor.

“It went actually quite well, everyone previewed the course yesterday and had a game plan going into it. Just focused on executing that game plan.” said White.

Brad White (UnitedHealthcare) won the TT, the only rider under 5 minutes

Brad White (UnitedHealthcare) won the TT, the only rider under 5 minutes

“The legs felt good, had a good ride. The bottom hand-right turn was a bit scary,” he laughed. “but came through that okay then the uphill was a little faster than yesterday in training so that was a good thing. There was a decent crowd so that made it fun.”

Tim Johnson's shoe after his crash at DPGP TT

Tim Johnson's shoe after his crash at DPGP TT

That corner took out his teammate Tim Johnson who crashed and was icing his ankle afterwards. Johnson was coming in full speed into the corner when he skidded on a traffic bot. His shoe shows the damage.

White’s plan? “Go out pretty hard because you had a downhill section to recover and then keep it steady along the waterfront and go up the hill as fast as possible. Get back up to speed across the top as fast as possible then it’s basically over, the last half-mile is so fast that you can’t lose much time. Once I got over the top back up to speed quite fast I knew I was going to have a really good time.”

As far as equipment goes, well we found out his secret weapon (sort of). “Equipment worked great. Nothing too different, I actually used Karl Menzies TT bike today. I’m trying to work more on my time trial this year and going back and forth to race with my time trial bike and it gets quite expensive to fly with it. Karl and I are basically the same size and since it’s such a short prologue and short week, his bike was in the trailer so I decided to use his and throw my saddle.” White then added with a laugh. “His bike fits me better than mine”

His teammates took the next three spots.  Andrew Pinfold was second at 6 seconds back, Morgan Schmitt third at 9 seconds and Eric Barlevav fourth also at 9 seconds. Quinn Keogh of Rubicon-ORBEA broke through the UHC stranglehold to finish fifth at 12 seconds.

“I wasn’t fast obviously.” smiled Pinfold when asked about his ride.

“It was good, I knew actually after riding this course that it would be a good one for me actually. That kind of a hill is good usually, hills like White Rock at BC Superweek is similar to that, it’s a little bit longer. I knew the hill would be good and I can take corners pretty good but I think Brad probably got me wherever he had to pedal on the flat.” Pinfold laughed, “He put the time into me everywhere else but it was fun.”

Pinfold’s plan was “to go 80 to 90 percent to the climb and at the climb then really climb. It went to plan and then over the top, it was try to get back up to speed and then take the corners as quick as I can. It felt good.”

A small field of 26 riders faced the race of truth today but tomorrow is the reason that we’re all here, the NRC Dana Point Grand Prix. Only the men’s race is part of the NRC however.

In honor of Jorge Alvarado’s memory, a moment of silence will be observed before the start of the Men’s Professional Race. Alvardo, a rider on the Bahati Foundation Team was killed during a training ride this week. At the commencement of Sunday’s race, the Bahati Foundation Team will lead a neutral first lap, in honor of Jorge.

The sprinters are showing up for the 90-minute flat and very fast 6 turn L-shape course tomorrow afternoon. The UHC boys will face stiff competition from the Bahati Foundation and Fly V Australia team, will we see a battle of leadout trains?

“Not bad last little while.” said Pinfold about his form. Pinfold finished third at the Redlands Crit while leading out his teammate. “Tomorrow is going to be another good opportunity for the team, obviously the competition level is going to be pretty high so it should be good.”

White echoed his sentiment. “We’re looking forwards to it. The sprinters look like they have good form and we got a lot of different options we can play with tomorrow, sending guys up the road or leading them out… it should be fun.”

Top 5 Results
1. Brad White (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) 4:56.31
2. Andrew Pinfold (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) +0:06
3. Morgan Schmitt (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) +0:09
4. Eric Barlevav (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis) st
5. Quinn Keogh (Rubicon ORBEA) +0:12

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