Second win for Gilbert closes out Uruguay

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Earlier today, Martin Gilbert and his Spidertech powered by Planet Energy took home his second win in the tenth and final stage of the Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay. He outsprinted Brasilian Roberto Pinheiro (Funvic) and Uruguayan Ignacio Maldonado (Fenix) on the 185km stage. His first win came on Friday.

No changes to the overall GC won by Richard Mascarañas (Alas Rojas de Santa Lucía). His teammate Hernan Cline was second  and Ramiro Cabrera (Avai de Florianopolis) third. David Veilleux finished ninth overall at 2:33 while his Kelly Benefit Strategies squad won the overall team classification.  Update: Final results are in and Ryan Anderson (Kelly Benefit) finished 4th overall.

Martin Gilbert (Planet Energy) the only stage winner from a North American UCI team at 2009 Tour of MIssouri

Martin Gilbert (Planet Energy) the only stage winner from a North American UCI team at 2009 Tour of MIssouri

“It was pretty windy and a lot of change of wind direction in the race, so we had to always be aware so not to get caught behind in the critical moments. Generally, the race was very fast and with the crosswinds, my teammates’ positioning was important.” explained Gilbert to sportcom.

His teammates Simon Lambert-Lemay and Marc Batty took over when the peloton made its way to Montevideo by the ocean. “They made sure to protect us from the wind in the last three to four kilometers. There were a few turns as we entered the city so it was difficult to stay together. Guillaume, Keven and I tried to follow the right wheels. Finally, I grabbed a good opportunity in the end to win the sprint.”

The team has decided to work for his teammate Keven Lacombe before the start of the stage. “With 700 meters to go, someone had already started their srpint. I went also to be sure to catch him and I told myself it would let Keven pass me but finally he was caught behind. I didn’t take any chances and continued my sprint until the end. It was a good sprint and it ended well.”

It was Gilbert’s first time at the UCI 2.2 race. “The goal coming here was first to win stages but also to enjoy good training on the ten stages in preparation for our biggest races. Quietly, our form will come for our big goals of the season.’

Stage 10 San Jose -Montevideo, 184.6 kms Results (Complete Results)
1. Martin Gilbert (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy 4:41:10
2. Roberto Pinheiro Silva (BRA) Funvic-Sundown st
3. Ignacio Maldonado (URU) Cc Fenix st
4. Hector Aguilar Figueiras (URU) Funvic-Sundown st
5. Jan Carlos Arias Perez (CUB) Selección Cuba st
6. Kevin Lacombe (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy st
7. Mario Álvarez (URU) C.C. Maroñas +0:03
8. Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies +0:04
9. Hernan Cline (URU) Alas Rojas Santa Lucia +0:04
10. Mauricio Frazer (ARG) Acme-Colner +0:06

21. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Kbs +0:09
25. Ryan Anderson (CAN) Kbs +0:09
31. Guillaume Boivin (CAN) Csm +0:13
36. Reid Mumford (USA) Kbs +0:17
47. Guy East (USA) Kbs +0:19
49. David Veilleux (CAN) Kbs +0:19
66. Simon Lambert-Lemay (CAN) Csm +0:19
98. Mark Batty (CAN) Csm +1:50

Final GC
1. Richard Mascaranas (URU) Alas Rojas Santa Lucia 40:42:21
2. Hernan Cline (URU) Alas Rojas Santa Lucia +0:46
3. Ramiro Cabrera Gonzalez (URU) Avai De Florianopolis +1:10
4. Ryan Anderson (CAN) Kelly Benefit Strategies +1:25
5. Mariano De Fino Silveiro (URU) Villa Teresa +1:50
6. Jorge Bravo (URU) Alas Rojas Santa Lucia +2:01
7. Luis Martinez (URU) Villa Teresa +2:30
8. Geovane Fernandez (URU) Alas Rojas Santa Lucia +2:31
9. David Veilleux (CAN) Kelly Benefit Strategies +2:46
10. Marco Arriagada (CHI) Funvic-Sundown +3:11

12. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies +3:54
19. Reid Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies +5:31
25. Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies +7:35
33. Guillaume Boivin (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy +10:58
41. Martin Gilbert (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy +12:38
43. Guy East (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies +13:50
49. Kevin Lacombe (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy +20:10
50. Mark Batty (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy +22:06
66. Simon Lambert-Lemay (CAN) Spidertech-Planet Energy +35:31

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  1. Name

    05. Apr, 2010

    Ryan Anderson – KBS was 4th overall

  2. lyne

    05. Apr, 2010

    thanks! I updated the report. The final results were not available last night when the post was written.