Reijnen still in yellow halfway through in Thailand

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With three stages down and three more to go, Kiel Reijnen of the Jelly Belly presented by Kenda team still leads the overall at the UCI 2.2 Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn ’s Cup Tour of Thailand.

After taking the lead in the opening stage, the 5.6km time trial, Jelly Belly survived bad luck, attacks, high temperatures and high humidity to keep a lead of 15 seconds for Reijnen. Second on GC is South African Nicolas White (Medscheme) and third is David McCann (Giant) at 16 seconds. Two riders fromthe Kelly Benefit Strategies squad sit in sixth and seventh overall with Neil Shirley at 23 seconds and Alex Candelario at 24 seconds down.

Stage 2 was a 177.5km fairly flat point to point road race from Ubon Ratchathani to Makdahan, with no reported wind. Holding the top 5 on GC after stage 1, Jelly Belly took its place at the front of the field. An early break was off the front when, according to Jelly Belly DS Danny van Haute, “Mike Friedman went to the Team car to get bottles and the peloton split in two. He was never able to get back into the front group. When Will Dickeson tried to bring Friedman back to the front he was unsuccessful and got caught in the second group.”

Then bad luck. Will Routley double-flatted with 15km to go which dropped him back to the second group along with Jon Chodroff. McCann won the sprint from the first 70-rider group  ahead of Nawuti Liphonguy (Thailand) and Anuar Manan (Malaysia). Reijnen was the only Jelly Belly-Kenda rider to finish in the front group which also contained all the KBS riders: Shirley, Dan Bowman, Candelario and Cheyne Hoag.

Once again an early break was off on the 171.1km stage 3 from Mugdaharn to Nakhonphano. The move was reeled in just in time for the bunch sprint won by Manan ahead of Nguyen Hung Mai (Vietnam) and Jaan Kirsipuu (CKT TMIT-Champion). Reijnen finished safely in the bunch with teammates Friedman and Routley, as did the four KBS riders.

Three more stages for Reijnen, including the longest stage of the race, the 207.3 km from Nakhonphanom to Mugdaharn Stage 4 tomorrow.  Forecast calls for temperatures  to hit over 100° F with humidity only around 50%.

Stage 2 Results (Complete results)
1. David Mccann (IRL) GNT 4:07:51
2. Nawuti Liphongyu (THA) THA st
3. Anuar Manan (MAS) MAS st
4. Ahmad Haidar Anuawar (MAS) MPC st
5. Mohd Zamri Saleh (MAS) MAS st
6. Jaan Kirsipuu (EST) CKT st
7. Hidenori Nodera (JPN) SMN st
8. Okart Bua-Loi (THA) THA st
9. Muhamad Adiq Husainie Othman (MAS) MAS st
10. Jumpei Murakami (JPN) SMN st
12. Neil Shirley (USA) KBS st
20. Kiel Reijnen (USA) JBC st
27. Dan Bowman (USA) KBS st
33. Alex Candelario (USA) KBS st
35. Cheyne Hoag (USA) KBS st
101. Will Routley (CAN) JBC +2:53
102. Michael Friedman (USA) JBC +2:53
109. William Dickeson (AUS) JBC +2:53
120. Jonathan Chodroff (USA) JBC +11:25

Stage 3 Results
1. Anuar Manan (MAS) MAS 4:02:51
2. Nguyen Hung Mai (VIE) VIE st
3. Jaan Kirsipuu (EST) CKT st
4. Ahmad Haidar Anuawar (MAS) MPC st
5. Tuan Anh Do (VIE) VIE st
6. Mohd Zamri Saleh (MAS) MAS st
7. Michael Friedman (USA) JBC st
8. Muhamad Adiq Husainie Othman (MAS) MAS st
9. Masamichi Yamamoto (JPN) BGT st
10. Kiel Reijnen (USA) JBC st
12. Alex Candelario (USA) KBS st
38. Cheyne Hoag (USA) KBS st
53. Neil Shirley (USA) KBS st
68. Dan Bowman (USA) KBS st
85. Will Routley (CAN) JBC st
115. Jonathan Chodroff (USA) JBC +3:18
116. William Dickeson (AUS) JBC +4:18

GC After Stage 3
1. Kiel Reijnen (USA) JBC 8:17:22
2. Nicholas White (RSA) +15
3. David Mccann (IRL) GNT +16
4. Deon Locke (AUS) CKT +20
5. Lee Rodgers (JPN) +21
6. Neil Shirley (USA) KBS +23
7. Alex Candelario (USA) KBS +24
8. Mart Ojavee (EST) CKT +24
9. Sascha Damrow (GER) +25
10. Jaan Kirsipuu (EST) CKT +28
22. Dan Bowman (USA) KBS +36
24. Cheyne Hoag (USA) KBS +37
72. Michael Friedman (USA) JBC +2:56
73. Will Routley (CAN) JBC +3:02
108. William Dickeson (AUS) JBC +7:24
116. Jonathan Chodroff (USA) JBC +14:57

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