Teutenberg Wins Stage and Gains Bonus Time in City of Beaumont Road Race Stage

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Ina Teutenberg (HTC-Columbia) not only won the City of Beaumont Road Race Stage this afternoon, she captured 15 of the 16 available time bonus seconds to leap into second position in the General Classification race. Teutenberg is now only 14 seconds behind current GC leader, Amber Neben (Dare to be-BMW-Bianchi).

Ina Teutenberg (HTC-Columbia) takes over sprint classification

Ina Teutenberg (HTC-Columbia) takes over sprint classification

“I tried to get as close as possible with the time bonuses,” stated Teutenberg. “I missed out last week (San Dimas Stage Race) and didn’t want it to come down to the last race again. It was the safest option for the day. I am very happy about that. We tried for the time bonuses, and I was able to cut the time difference in half today. The mission tomorrow is the same…to gain bonus time.”

“The race was actually pretty calm,” said Neben in describing the day’s racing. “The wind was not as bad as last year and I think the direction of the wind helped keep the race fast. It seemed to me that there were a lot of teams interested in the mountain jersey and the sprinters jersey, which helped me. They were positioning their riders for those points. It got down to the final lap and teams began to think that they could win the stage. When everyone thinks they have a chance to win, they try to keep it together. All of this helped me.”

Though several attacks happened throughout the race, none stuck. “Late in the race there was a break that developed with Robin Farina (Team VBF), Kim Anderson (HTC-Columbia) and 5 other riders,” continued Neben. “Potentially this could have been dangerous but Rachel (Warner) (Dare-to-be-BMW-Bianchi) was there to help me close the gap.”

Robin Farina (Team VBF) on Amber Neben (Dare to Be-BMW Bianchi)'s wheel

Robin Farina (Team VBF) on Amber Neben (Dare to Be-BMW Bianchi)'s wheel

“It was kind of a sleepy race today,” confirmed second place finisher Brooke Miller (TIBCO/To The Top). “All of the teams were looking at each other to do something. We were trying to make sure I made it over the climb and then try to attack. The plan was for me to freelance to the finish. It was fun. It’s something different for me. I am used to having a good lead out but this time we decided to launch bombs. As long as it was fast, I could freelance and fight my way up front.”

“I was marking Ina…but then everyone and their mother wants to be on Ina’s wheel. I am a big girl so there is an advantage for hanging on to Ina’s wheel and keeping other people off. (laughs)”

“On the last lap, Theresa (Cliff­-Ryan) (Colavita/Baci) was trying to lead out Kelly (Benjamin) (Colavita/Baci),” continued Miller. “It was Theresa, Kelly, Ina and myself around that final corner. I was the last one of the group. It looked like Theresa got a bit of a gap on Kelly and that’s when Ina and I jump out at the same time. Ina had a wheel length on me from the start because she turned into the final corner first. I really didn’t make up a lot of ground. It would have been nice to have pushed her more. It wasn’t my best jump, so there is room for improvement, but I am happy to be up there.”

Third place finisher, Joelle Numainville (Webcor Builders) came out of the last corner behind Miller. “The team wanted to do well, to win a podium today,” said Numainville. “I just tried to put myself in a good position and sprint hard. I am really not sure whose wheel I was on. I was looking to get onto Brooke’s wheel, but not really sure if I did. I was in third position and just rode hard.”

When asked if the radio ban played a role in today’s stage, Miller commented, “I do think the radio ban affected the race today. If we saw that the race was this sleepy, we could have coordinated ourselves better to light things up. In the past our team has always been the aggressor. Other teams used to look at us to make the moves. Today we were looking to other teams to initiate the moves and they did not. We did not change our strategies as much as we could of. All of my teammates have great fitness and we are feeling pretty strong. We really wanted to see what everyone was going to do today. I think the radio ban is making everyone wait and see what others will do. It’s easier to change your strategy on the fly when you can communicate. It’s not about the radio coming from the car. It’s the radio used to talk to each other. We talked to each other a lot on the radios. It’s more difficult now…with eight teammates…you want to make sure they are on the same page. That’s where I think we all are getting our feet stuck in the cement. It’s just harder to mobilize quickly now on the fly.”

After coming in second in the first intermediate sprint behind Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12), first in the second intermediate sprint, plus getting the stage win, Teutenburg finished the stage with the points jersey.

Alison Powers (Team VBF) takes first KOM at top of Banning Bench

Alison Powers (Team VBF) takes first KOM at top of Banning Bench

The QOM mountain jersey went to Alison Powers (Team VBF). “The QOM was not originally the plan for the team,” said Powers. “I was there for the first one and it seemed like I could get it and tried. I thought if I got the first one, why not go for the next one. My teammate, Kristen Sanders, lead me up to the second QOM. Now we have it and want to keep it. A jersey is a jersey and that is good.”

Tomorrow’s City of Redlands Criterium is a 1.0 mile highly technical race with nine tight turns. The race is a timed 60 minute crit.

“Saturday’s one-hour criterium will be a difficult, very technical course.  It will be super hard because we have to continue to work for the bonuses for Ina, while fighting to keep Evelyn (Stevens) in contention,” commented HTC Columbia DS Rene Wenzel.  “We’ll give it a great team effort. Now we have two riders in contention and can start playing a tactical game.”

Top 10 Stage Results
1 Teutenberg, Ina-Yoko HTC Columbia 3:06:18
2 Miller, Brooke TIBCO/To The Top Pro Cycling
3 Numainville, Joelle Webcor Builders
4 Benjamin, Kelly Colavita/Baci pb Cooking Light
5 Vzesniauskaite, Mode Colavita/Baci pb Cooking Light
6 Gauther, Shontell Colavita/Baci pb Cooking Light
7 Testroete, Alison Team Vera Bradley Foundation
8 Caron, Joanie Team Nanoblur-Gears
9 Rachetto, Liza Treads.Com/DFT
10 Small, Carmen Colavita/Baci pb Cooking Light

Top 10 GC after Stage 1
1 Neben, Amber Dare to Be-BMW-Bianchi 3:17:14 00:00
2 Teutenberg, Ina-Yoko HTC Columbia 3:17:28 @ 00:14
3 Abbott, Mara * Peanut Butter & Co. Twenty 12 3:17:30 @ 00:16
4 Stevens, Evelyn HTC Columbia 3:17:35 @ 00:21
5 Powers, Alison Team Vera Bradley Foundation 3:17:45 @ 00:31
6 Miller, Meredith TIBCO/To The Top Pro Cycling 3:17:46 @ 00:32
7 Farina, Robin Team Vera Bradley Foundation 3:17:49 @ 00:35
8 Carroll, Katharine Peanut Butter & Co. Twenty 12 3:17:57 @ 00:43
9 Mattis, Katheryn Webcor Builders 3:17:59 @ 00:45
10 Small, Carmen Colavita/Baci pb Cooking Light 3:18:00 @ 00:46

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