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Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by in news

Engineer by day and Elite cyclist with the California Giant/Specialized team, James Mattis wrote an iPhone Application that allows users to search and browse the WADA drug list of prohibited substances and permitted medications.

As Mattis said “this app could help riders check to see if the supplements and medications they are taking are legal. This is a surprisingly difficult mine field to navigate when even things like breakfast cereal could result in a positive test.” He gives as an example cereals made with hemp which can contain THC – a banned substance in competition.

The DrugSearch 1.3 iPhone app is a free, advertising-supported app that puts the WADA (World Anti-Doping Authority) prohibited substance list at their fingertips as they walk the aisle of their grocery store or drug store. The application allows users to quickly browse or search the prohibited substances list to insure that the foods, vitamins, supplements, and medications that they are taking are legal.

Suffering from a cold? Want to know which medication you can use?

  1. Click on Permitted Medications
  2. Scroll down to Cold/Allergy Medications
  3. Select the medication of interest to get more details. This summary can be particularly helpful because all of the over the counter cold medications that contain Psuedoephedrine are banned in competition. Benadryl is legal in competition. Benadryl-D is not.

Remember that it is always the athlete’s responsibility to know what is in any substance they consume. The presence of a prohibited substance in an athlete is a doping offense regardless of how the substance got there.

DrugSearch can be download here


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