Evans and Hincapie chat BMC bikes – with photos

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As  new riders to the BMC Racing Team, both World Champion Cadel Evans and US National Road Champion George Hincapie had to get comfortable to new technology such as bikes, components, pedals.

During the team training camp last week, we had a chance to ask Hincapie and Evans what they thought about their new equipment and to take photos of the ‘shiny stuff’.

“It was quite an adjustment at first, new bike, new pedals, new parts, the position was slightly changed so it took a couple of weeks but once I got it all dialed in, it feels great.” said Hincapie.

Both men are currently riding custom painted bikes with Evans on a white with rainbow stripes BMC promachine SLC01 and Hincapie on a red-white-and-blue BMC racemaster SLX01.

Hincapie's red-white-and-blue  BMC racemaster SLX01

Hincapie's red-white-and-blue BMC racemaster SLX01

For Hincapie, the half carbon half aluminum SLX 01 “is a lot stiffer than your full carbon bike. It just seems very agile, it can handle very well.”

“It reacts very well when you need to accelerate very quickly, so far I’ve really enjoyed riding it and I think it looks cool as hell too.” smiled Hincapie. He’s right, the custom paint job is absolutely beautiful.

“I thought it looked a bit unusual at first but it grows on you and now it’s like man this bike looks awesome.” said Evans. Like the other climbers on the team, he started the year on the carbon SLX01. “That other thing that surprised me, it feels like it flexes a lot so that something that might not be very stable but somehow, don’t ask me how, it’s really stable even though it has quite fast angles.”

Evans continued. “Material is great. Easton wheels are really stable, I was quite surprised on that.” He was familiar with Campagnolo and Selle Italia saddles but the rest was new to him.

For the first time in his career, Hincapie is riding Campagnolo gruppos.

“Campy stuff is awesome, the shifting is smooth and nice, I like the fact that you’re able to shift more than one down and one up – but that also took some adjustment” explained Hincapie.

Campagnolo groupset and Speedplay pedals for the BMC Racing Team

Campagnolo groupset and Speedplay pedals for the BMC Racing Team

Speedplay pedals were also new to both Evans and Hincapie.

“I always saw those little pedals ‘how can you be stable on those’ but no I think they get you closer to the axle” said Evans. “When you ride them you really feel the difference there.”

Hincapie likes the smoothness the pedals bring. “I’d never used speedplay pedals and I actually really really like them. I think they’re a great piece of equipment, my pedaling seems to be even smoother than it’s ever been, I feel more solid in pedal stroke.”

But what about the cobbles George? “The team is actually meeting right now just specifically for the Northern Classics equipment, wheels and what bikes we’re going to use, what tire we’re going to use. I have full confidence in them.” answered Hincapie at training camp.

While Hincapie hasn’t ridden the SLC yet, he will add the new SLR01 to his stable. “I’m going to ride the new SLR for the classics probably starting in Het Volk which is full carbon and tends to give a little bit on the cobblestones.”

Oh it’s also shoes.  During our roundtable with Evans, a journalist asked him why he had also changed his shoes. He replied “They didn’t want me anymore so…”, the journalist cut in with “really?”, and Evans smiled and said “that was before I won Worlds.”

The BMC Racing Team bikes are equipped with Campagnolo gruppos, Easton carbon wheels, bar and stems, Speedplay pedals, Selle Italia saddles.

The second day at BMC training camp also included the team picture – which can be seen in the gallery.

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  1. Emiliano

    02. Feb, 2010

    Evan’s bike is classy. Hincapie’s is over the top, especially with his kit.

  2. Geoff

    08. Feb, 2010

    Now, I don’t mean this comment to reflect poorly on Podium Insight in any way (best cycling site out there)…

    Aren’t reviews regarding the products that a person is paid to ride are a little biased, just a little. I mean, those comments read like one of Bush’s town hall Q and A’s. However it is an interesting read and I really appreciate the great photos’ and accompanying comments of riders I look up to. I just snicker a little when I read it.

    ( I don’t intend this comment to be a criticism of Podium Insight in any way,best cycling site out there)…


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