What a ride!

Posted on 31. Dec, 2009 by in news

2009 – what a year!  Podium insight was started because I wanted to focus on the North American professional cycling road scene and give it the attention I felt it deserved.  No cookie cutter press release media-polished PR spin ….

After working for other sites for a few years, I took the plunge to see where it would lead, part-time for more than half of the year and then full-on full-time. You see 2009 was a bit of an experiement to answer some questions … Was there an audience? Would the riders open up and show their personalitites?  Would I actually be able to handle all the  traveling needed to cover races?  Could I cover expenses? Could I convey the beauty of the sport?

Well after many hours spent flying (35 flights) and driving (12000+ miles) around to cover racing this year, some questions were answered.  Yep, I could handle the traveling especially when friends, new and old, welcomed me into their homes. The audience is growing and as far as the other questions, the answers are still a work in progress.

Did I meet the goal I imposed on myself? yes and no, I did and do try to show what is happening, no drama, just what I see and hear. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

And then there’s cross. I think I fell in love with cyclocross at the Cincinnati weekend, how could I not? mud, sun, heckling, lawn darts, sand, dollar handups, heckling and friends … it’s all so primal and elemental, absolutely beautiful. So of course cross is now added to road coverage for next year.

Stay tuned for 2010, bigger, better and hopefully you will all stick around for the ride. 

My thanks for all the help received this year (you know who you are) and thank you for reading and my best wishes for a fabulous year!

See you out there!

See you out there!

12 Responses to “What a ride!”

  1. Prashant Srinivasan

    31. Dec, 2009

    Have a great and successful new year!

  2. Dan M

    31. Dec, 2009

    Great shot. That section of road was so hard. I remember the pack blowing to bits right around there.

  3. velogirl

    31. Dec, 2009

    Lyne, you’ve done a fabulous job this year! Congratulations on taking the leap. I hope 2010 is very successful for you.


  4. Name

    01. Jan, 2010

    Congratulations Lyne! The site is awesome. You guys really do a wonderful job. Keep it coming!

  5. Amber

    01. Jan, 2010

    Hey sorry that last congrats comment was from me! :) – Amber (AFR)

  6. kcm

    01. Jan, 2010

    Lynn – Thanks for all you do for cycling! It would not be the same without you.


  7. Kirsten Robbins

    01. Jan, 2010

    Happy New Year Lyne!

    You did a great job this year. See you on the road in 2010.


  8. thek2

    02. Jan, 2010

    You Rock… Hopefully we can finally meet up soon… maybe at a race as well! Looking forward to your coverage in 2010!

  9. Meredith Miller

    03. Jan, 2010

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thanks for being there with us! It’s been wonderful getting to know you. Keep up the great work on the site – it’s awesome. See you out there on the roads…and dirt in 2010!!

  10. MavicMotoGuy

    03. Jan, 2010

    Keep it up !
    great photos, interviews, access and, of course, Insight.!

    You clearly have the riders’ respect.

    P.S. Is that that photo from the Battenkill race?

  11. Debbie B.

    07. Jan, 2010

    I’ve enjoyed Podium Insight so much and have enjoyed knocking elbows with you at a few cx races too! Keep up the good work and let us know if you ever need anything in Louisville.

  12. lyne

    07. Jan, 2010

    Thank you Debbie, and I might take you up on the kind offer!