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In a fierce competition where the leader’s jersey has changed shoulders at almost every race, KONA’s Ryan Trebon re-took the lead in the USGP with a 26-point advantage on his closest competitor Jamey Driscoll ( after the New Jersey races this weekend. The finale of the series will be in Portland, Oregon the weekend before Nationals.

“I want to win both days in Portland obviously, that’s the one way to guarantee to win the series is to win them.” laughed Trebon. “I want to do well in Portland and more importantly do well in Nationals. It will be awesome, it will be a good couple of weeks.”

KONAs Ryan Trebon in the USGP leaders jersey

KONA's Ryan Trebon in the USGP leader's jersey

A lot has happened since our first conversation with Trebon in September at the beginning of cross season. Since then, the current US Cross Champion crashed hard – twice – on his head at USGP Derby City Cup and changed his plans for his European campaign. One thing that has not changed however is his focus on defending his title at Cross National Championships in December in his hometown of Bend, Oregon.

It’s been an interesting USGP race this year, as many of the contenders missed out one or more races due to injury or illness. In Trebon’s case, he pulled out of the Sunday race in Louisville after hitting his head twice in a matter of minutes during the race. Trebon was feeling it in his neck and shoulders after his crash and has some body work done to fix the problems.

“One of the benefits, I went in there to get my head and my neck looked at and we ended up finding other small little problems I was having with my hips. Thankfully, we figured out why I felt I couldn’t push on the pedals that hard. It wasn’t that my legs weren’t good, I was having weird little problems, I felt like I couldn’t push the pedals that hard so we started doing little exercises and the guys were helping me out. ” said Trebon.

Trebon and Johnson wll battle once again this weekend

Trebon and Johnson wll battle once again this weekend

Following his crash, Trebon sat out the next two weekends of UCI races but did come back to racing with a win at CrossCrusade on November 8th.He then took over the USGP lead after winning the Mercer Cup on Saturday, his second USGP win this year.

After some training in Florida this week, Trebon will race at the Whitmore’s Landscaping Super Cross Cup in Southampton, NY this weekend, the finale in the North American Cyclocross Trophy. It should be an interesting weekend as the top 3 in the lead are the team with Tim Johnson on top.  Then, it’s time for Oregon.

Another change for the 28-year old is that he is not flying straight away to Europe after the US season ends.

“I was going to go over in two weeks for the Heusden-Zolder World Cup before the injury so I had to back that off. I’m going to go spend December and the first part of January down in California training because I want to go over there with a really good base of fitness because I’m not going to take really any time off after Worlds. That way I can get really good training in and go over there for the last two World Cups and Worlds with really good fitness, fresh and ready to go.”

Trebon has typically spent one and half month in Europe racing the World Cup getting ready for the World Championships but decided to do it differently this year.

“I’ve always gone the day after Nationals and it’s hard. It’s a long time away from home, it’s a lot of racing man. So I figure after five years of doing it one way, we’ll do it this way and see how it goes.”

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