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Earlier today, the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team released its roster for the 2010 season. The team is one of three new UCI Continental Men’s teams registered with USA Cycling for 2010, the other new teams are Adageo Energy Pro Cycling and Team Hotel San Jose.

The 12 men’s teams that have applied for Continental status with USA Cycling are:

  1. Adageo Energy Pro Cycling
  2. Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team aka Transcend Sports
  3. BISSELL Pro Cycling
  4. Jamis/Sutter Home presented by Colavita
  5. Jelly Belly Cycling Team
  6. Kelly Benefit Strategies
  7. Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GearGrinder
  8. Team Hotel San Jose
  9. Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s
  10. Team Type 1
  11. Trek Livestrong U23 Cycling Team presented by RadioShack
  12. UnitedHealthcare presented by Maxxis

That makes it two less than last year, which had 13 teams registered. The teams disappearing from the list are Amore e Vita/McDonalds/Velo Vie Pro Racing Team, DLP Racing, Land Rover/ORBEA – Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Rock Racing. The Land Rover-ORBEA team is still looking for a sponsor, DLP Racing is merging with Mt Khakis, Rock Racing is rumored to be registering as a Pro Continental team in Mexico. And as for Amore e Vita, well I assume it will now be registered in Italy.

One American based women’s team has applied to be UCI-sanctioned this season. After claiming an overall NRC title in 2009, Team TIBCO looks to be the lone U.S.-based UCI-sanctioned women’s squad in 2010.

All team categories are pending approval from the UCI and will be formally announced in December following the review process.

Before we take a closer look at the two of the new teams, please note that the transfer-o-rama has been updated. Stay tuned for more info on Team Hotel San Jose.

Bahati, then racing for Rock Racing, won the 2009 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Bahati, then racing for Rock Racing, won the 2009 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team is the brain child of Transcend Sports, a partnership between Colorado Premier Training and RAHA Sports Management. The Bahati Foundation, founded by Rahsaan Bahati, is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers underprivileged youth to rise above their circumstances. Their stated goal is to work with our partners in helping today’s underprivileged youth overcome poverty. They provide the resources, support and inspiration to help young people succeed in life.

Former USA Crit Champion Bahati headlines the roster for the newly formed team, and will also contribute as part of the management staff and is an owner in the team as part of RAHA Sports Management. Steve Owens, of Colorado Premier Training, will be the manager of the team.

Joining Bahati in the 15-rider team are two riders from Pro Tour teams, Australian Hilton Clarke and American Jason Donald from Garmin-Slipstream. Clarke is  returning to US scene after one year with Fuji-Servetto and raced previously with the defunct Toyota-United and Navigators squads. The other two Australians on the team are Nathan O’Neill who is returning to racing after serving a 2-year doping suspension and Matty Rice from Jelly Belly.

The team also includes some young talent such as  Ian Burnett from Fort Lewis College, Peter Carey who won the overall in the Cat 1/2 at Joe Martin this year, Phillip Mann who twice won  the Collegiate National Championship criterium and 19-year Lanell Rockmore who just won the gold this year at USA Track Nationals in the men team sprint.

The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling team roster is:

  • Rahsaan Bahati (USA) – 27
  • Ryan Bauman (USA) – 22
  • Ian Burnett (USA) – 23
  • Peter Carey (USA) – 21
  • Hilton Clarke (AUS) – 30
  • Corey Collier (USA) – 27
  • Jason Donald (USA) – 29
  • Cesar Grajales (COL) – 36
  • Alex Hagman (USA) – 26
  • Evan Hyde (USA) – 25
  • Bobby Lea (USA) – 26
  • Phillip Mann (USA) – 26
  • Nathan O’Neil (AUS) – 35
  • Matty Rice (AUS) – 30
  • Lanell Rockmore (USA) – 19

Newly signed rider Bahati said in the team press release, “I’m blessed to have a talented group of individuals who can deliver the message for the Bahati Foundation while winning races at a professional level. I’m truly excited to know my future is in the hands of people who are dedicated to the sport and want to give back to the communities that are lacking structure and resources.”

Tommy Nelson at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Tommy Nelson at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

The other new team on the block is the Adageo Energy Pro Cycling. While this team is a newly-registered Continental team, it’s been around for two years on the pro/amateur circuit under the name of Liquid Fitness. Their roster includes riders from Rock Racing, Bissell, Jittery Joes  as well as from the Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy team from last year.

The team leader is Australian Cody Stevenson who is returning to the US after racing with Team Budget Forklifts last year.

Also joining the team is 10-time Collegiate National Track Champion Bennet van der Genugten and Danny Finneran.

The Adageo Energy Pro Cycling roster is:

  • Eric Bennett (USA) – 22
  • Tobias Eggli (USA) – 23
  • Tim Farnham (USA) – 27
  • Danny Finneran (USA) – 19
  • Josh Horowitz (USA) – 34
  • Matt Landen (USA) – 28
  • Alexi Martinez (USA) – 23
  • Tommy Nelson (USA) – 29
  • Cody Stevenson (AUS) – 29
  • Bennet van der Genugten (USA) – 25

Update: The team is still in talks with Austin Carroll (USA), Anthony Colby (USA) and Marco Rios (MEX). Nothing has been signed yet.

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20 Responses to “News: Continental teams, Bahati Foundation, Adageo Energy”

  1. Name

    04. Nov, 2009

    20 years? I think maybe two max.

  2. Name Josh

    04. Nov, 2009

    Yeah, I don’t know where he came up with that. We started in 2008 so technicaly 2010 will be our third year.

  3. lyne

    04. Nov, 2009

    My mistake. I’ll correct it. thanks.

  4. Dan M

    05. Nov, 2009

    I wish Bahati the best. I think that’s an awesome idea for a foundation.

  5. Russell @ Upper Echelon

    05. Nov, 2009

    Maybe mistook this team for La Grange? They’ve been around for ages…

  6. Name Don Ricardo

    06. Nov, 2009

    This looks like the kind of team that should’ve stayed amateur. Curious as to the ream reason why they are going “PRO” without ever really even making a name for themselves as amateurs.

    guess its the amateurs on the team that always wanted to be “PRO” and now they have a shot. Lets see where they are in 9 months…but alas best of luck to them.

  7. Name

    06. Nov, 2009

    Looks like they pretty much just hired young local guys that they have ties with (with the a few exceptions obviously). So much hype and talk about how amazing the team will be and then this? They could’ve and should’ve hired some more experienced, dependable riders to fill out the roster.
    This is pretty weak.

  8. Name

    06. Nov, 2009

    Referring to Bahati team in above post. Lots of talk, no substance.

  9. Name (required)

    07. Nov, 2009

    I think Bahati’s team will be one of the best teams next year.
    As for another team hiring local guys, that is how you get a pro team on a small budget going.

  10. Name

    07. Nov, 2009

    to reply to the above statement “This looks like the kind of team that should’ve stayed amateur.”

    Why are people so closed minded and unwilling to give other first year teams a chance, teams have to grow and develop and hit their stride and then some pretty amazing things can happen. I remember some small first year PRO squads that no one has ever heard of working on a shoe-string budget also being questioned for there move into “PRO” status just like Bahati’s team -Remember BMC, Priority Health and lets not forget the small team from Colorado 5280. Where are then now . . .lets see -BMC, Pro Tour, Priority Health is now Bissell and 5280 is Garmin Slipstream.

  11. Matt McNamara

    07. Nov, 2009

    They (meaning Bahati/Adageo or anyone else firing off a first year tam) probably don’t have the luxury/budget of filling their rosters with more established pros. Established riders cost money – maybe not $$$$ but they certainly expect, and largely deserve, $$$ or at least $$. If it costs, conservatively, $25k/per rider to cover equipment (yea, they buy it most of the time), travel, staff, and then perhaps a small stipend (read – not even enough to be called a salary!) that eats through money pretty quickly. I don’t know their budgets – but I’d guess that Bahati and Adageo, etc are running on less than $250k, probably a lot less. Then again, maybe they also chose based on personality and ego (or lack thereof)…there are 200 guys that can “do the job”, but then again can you stand being with ‘em in the van for 10 hours? Let’s pass judgement at the end of next season, not this one…

  12. Name

    07. Nov, 2009

    Did you not see who Bahati has on his roster! It is one hell of a team. I think you are wrong to think Bahati is running on 250k. There is more than that in Salaries alone!!

  13. Name

    08. Nov, 2009

    who are the financial backers for Bahati’s program. I haven’t seen a list of sponsors yet.

  14. Name

    09. Nov, 2009

    Is Justin Kerr racing for Adageo?

  15. Name

    09. Nov, 2009

    “$25k/per rider to cover equipment (yea, they buy it most of the time),”

    no they don’t

  16. Name

    09. Nov, 2009

    You would be surprised at the quality of the teams that still have to purchase their equipment

  17. Name

    09. Nov, 2009

    you might get x amount of frames for free, but most have to buy components. same with clothes, tires etc. you get x amount for free and thy rest you buy if you need more than allotted.

  18. Bicycle.Net

    10. Nov, 2009

  19. Name

    10. Nov, 2009

    I know what you’re saying about buying equipment, but only 2 or 3 teams have to do this. And they all merged into one for 2010. All of the other teams have full sponsorship deals. It does hurt the bottom line of smaller teams. They already have a smaller budget and then have to spend money on equipment also. Hence, the general trend of fewer results as well as a shorter life span. There’s just no money to hire talent.
    It seems silly however for some of the smaller teams to register with the UCI. They don’t do any UCI races except Philly. 20 thousand euro bank guarantee and 12 grand in reg fees to do Philly and then not get selected for Missouri, and let’s be honest, never get selected for Missouri. California will be Pro Tour next so it’s guaranteed they will never do that race either. If that’s what they really want to spend the money on, more power to them, but in reality, they could achieve a higher status as America’s premier amateur team that feeds into the pros. They’ll get better sponsorship for being the number one amateur team and they can pay the riders to help them develop.
    There are probably 20 elite and masters teams in California that get full bikes and clothing, shoes, helmets etc etc etc. including women’s teams. They provide value for their sponsors in their area. The smaller pro teams simply don’t provide enough value for say, Shimano to sink 20 grand in parts into.

  20. Name

    11. Nov, 2009

    Wow Dominguez to Jamis. What a move