Scott Zwizanski wins TT in Beauce and takes over lead

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Scott Zwizanski wins Beauce TT and takes over lead

Scott Zwizanski wins Beauce TT and takes over lead

Kelly Benefit Strategies’ Scott Zwizanski clocked the fastest time of 26:26 in the 20km time trial, stage 4 at the Tour de Beauce. He set an average speed of 45.3 km/hour over the wet roads in an out and back course that included a 140feet climb and multiple turns.

“You just had to pretty much be careful in the corners since most of them are coned off with guys going both ways so just try to stay safe in the corners and try to turn a big gear the rest of the way, just go as fast and aero as I could. The rain kind of stopped for us but I don’t think the rain would have changed things, it’s still totally wet.” said Zwiz about the course.

“Before the turnaround I felt good, after the turnaround I felt like I was struggling to really get going again, it doesn’t start downhill until several Ks after the turnaround so but once we got to the downhill, I knew that being a bigger guy, that’s good for me in timetrial so I just try to turnover the biggest gear that I could on the downhill on the way back.” continued Zwizanski.

Phil Zajicek (Fly V Australia) was second at 22 seconds back and Jesse Sergeant (Trek-Livestrong) was third at 26 seconds.

“It was a good course with a few lumps along the way but nothing too steep so I knew that I could get over them, try not to push too big a gear and save the legs a little bit. The corners are real wet so I took it quite easily around there, try not to crash. Just gave it everything, it’s pretty simple, it’s pretty much, I think most of my time was made on the way out so I gave it everything on the way out.” said Sergeant about the course.

Zajicek told me later that day that his gear shifter was broken and he had to hold on to it the whole time.

Going into the time trial, Zwizanski sat in 3rd spot on GC with a deficit of 39 and 37 seconds on the duo from the Colombian National Team, yellow jersey Sergio Luis Haeno and Darwin Apatuma.

Haeno  finished in 21st spot at 1:42 down putting Zwizanski in the lead with 1:03 on Haeno and 1:15 on Apatuma.  Rounding out the top five on GC is the Team Type 1 duo of Chris Jones at 1:59 and Darren Lill at 2:34.

Earlier this year, Zwizanski clocked the fastest time at the Tour of Uruguay TT and then grabbed the lead  on the following stage and with the help of his team successfully defended against concerted attacks. Will the Kelly Benefit Strategies squad repeat the same feat in Beauce?

Zwizanski is confident in his Kelly Benefit Strategies team. “I’m confident, I have great team mates, we have a really strong team here. Of course, I’m nervous, I’m sure that everyone is going to fight us for it, everyone here is very strong and I’ve heard that the last two stages are very, very tough.”

Tonight is the 60km criterium in downtown St-Georges. Due to UCI regulations, the GC will not be impacted by the results of the race, but there is still a timecut – just to make sure that everyone does show up to race.

Complete results here

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