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Cam Evans at the start of stage 2 at the Tour de Beauce

Cam Evans at the start of stage 2 at the Tour de Beauce

Canadian Cam Evans of the OUCH p/b Maxxis team suffered a violent crash on the final stage of Gila in early May. He was knocked out and airlifted out for medical treatment. He sustained facial lacerations but no broken bones and went home to Vancouver to recover.

“I was off for two and half weeks I think.” said Evans about his time off the bike. “I’m doing all right.”

He is back to racing and getting ready for one of big objectives at the end of June, the Canadian National Championships.

The 25-year old doesn’t remember much about his crash.

“To be honest, I was knocked out and woke up in the hospital. I don’t remember anything really. I got knocked out and then just road rash in other places. My elbow was kind of bruised up.”

With his OUCH-Maxxis team racing in Minnesota, Evans decided to come to Beauce to get ready for Nationals to be held on many of the same roads.

“I knew that the [Canadian] National Team was doing Beauce and I wasn’t doing Nature Valley with the team so I just figured get a race in before… there’s nothing really Nationals after this.” said Evans who was crowned Canadian National Road Race Champion in 2007.

Being new to this race myself, I asked Evans for his opinion.

“It’s a tough one, it’s a good one.” said Evans about the Tour de Beauce. “Pretty much, they are all arounder stages, could be a break everyday I think. Every day is pretty tough usually here. ”

Will Mont Megantic sage decide the winner? “Not necessarily actually, it’s usually a combination. Lots of time, it could be a move that just goes up the road and takes like 10 minutes.”

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