Tour de Beauce with Ben Day, Valeriy Kobzarenko and Jonathan Garcia

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Prior to the start of the Tour de Beauce, I caught up with a few riders to get their thoughs on the race and more.

Ben Day (Fly V Australia) in the break today

Ben Day (Fly V Australia) in the break today

Ben Day (Fly V Australia), 2007 Tour de Beauce winner

About the Tour de Beauce.
This first stage is really brutal. A lot of people out of the field, the year that I won, we had a break of 10 or 15. This first stage is just making sure that we are in the move, pretty much every year there’s move that sticks and that defines who the race is going to be fought over. That’s the job today. Mont-Megantic in a couple of days is obviously a deciding stage and the time trial, I think they are the key stages. We just have to be attentive and make sure that we are well represented.

About the Mont Megantic Stage
The last 5 or 6 k[ilometers] of Mont Megantic are pretty steep, I went up there, three or four weeks ago, it was snowing at the top, I wasn’t on my bike thankfully but it’s a really steep climb, there’s no easy way up, not for anybody.

About the competition
I think Type 1 have a couple of really good guys here, they seemed to be going well in Philly. BMC ae obviously a very strong team as well. So they are the main competitors here I think.

About his team.
Phil [Zajicek] is definitely a big card to play, Bernie [Zulzberger] here too. I definitely think that we’ll win a few stages here this week. We’ve got some good cards to play.

On his form
I had a little bit of a break after San Dimas and Redlands and I’ve been working my way back up to this, this is basically a home town race for me, my girlfriend is part of the organization, I met her here two years ago and I spend quite a lot of time up here, actually five kilometers from here [Lac-Etchemin] is where I spent a couple of months.

Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1), 2006 Tour de Beauce winner

About the strategy to win the Tour de Beauce.
The strategy is go and attack (laughs). Maybe today, why not. It depends, I feel a little bit tired after Philly.

Recovered from the long break in Philly?
You look today, if I’m at the front then I recovered.

About the deciding stage.
I’m thinking for this race, we need to go in break in other stages with the climb finish. I think time trial will decide the race.

About his team.
A couple of guys who are very good like Moises [Aldape] and Darren Lill, he’s doing well. And a couple of guys who’ll go on breakaways for stages.

Jonathan Garcia (BMC)

About his form
Things are good. Early start was kind of rough in California, got health issues figured out, took some time off and started racing. Things are good, just the NRC thing with the UCI deal but there’s nothing I can do about it. The last few weeks have been good, hope to do really well this week.

About the plan for the team
We’re just going for everything, we just really want to have a good week and we have the team to do it. It’s a good race for us, how the course is, good hard racing, a lot of up and downs, the roads are not always great, a good hard race which we like.

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