Photo Gallery of Sea Otter Cross Country

Posted on 21. Apr, 2009 by in photos

Spent the very hot Sunday afternoon at the Sea Otter Classic taking photos of the pros cross country race. Both the men’s and women’s races were shortened due to the heat which limited the photo opportunities.

World Champ Christoph Sauser hit it hard  and by the end of the first lap, the field had shattered, and he had a gap of 2 minutes which grew to over 4 minutes by the time he crossed the finish line after the second shortened lap.  Georgia Gould soloed away in the finale of the women’s race shortened to one lap of 19 miles.

Gallery (click for larger images)

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4 Responses to “Photo Gallery of Sea Otter Cross Country”

  1. T.Burke

    21. Apr, 2009

    Nice photo’s Lyne! : )

  2. lyne

    21. Apr, 2009

    thanks Burke.

  3. Gavia

    21. Apr, 2009

    So strange to see it hot and dry and Sea Otter!

    Lovely photos, really like third column, fifth row.

  4. The Lazy A

    23. Apr, 2009

    These are all great! Thank you for suffering in the heat to get these for us.